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You’ve probably heard of “the feminine urge” meme by this point. The meme started with internet users ironically sharing stereotypical things that women are known to do, usually by referring to things that they themselves like to do.

Some examples include “the feminine urge to play dumb (strategically)” and “the feminine urge to go to target and just roam aimlessly.” Of course, the memes are supposed to be reductive and non-PC and not truly apply to every woman out there.

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Over time, the memes included “the masculine urge…,” “the queer urge…” and pretty much any other sub-group of human beings that exist. It was only a matter of time before “the Latino urge…” caught on, with people sharing the very unique things they do themselves that might apply to other Latinos as well. And we have to tell you, some of these memes are hilarious.

Here is a roundup of our favorite “the Latino urge” memes that are sure to put a smile on your face today.


There’s just something so tempting about it…


It’s like this urge is genetically programmed into Latinos.


Better to be safe than sorry! What if you hit traffic? Have a last name that calls for a random search? Get lost at the airport? What if the airplane flies off 3 hours early?! The possibilities are endless.


If you live in a Latino neighborhood, this isn’t a problem. If you don’t, well… your neighbors might come knocking at your door any minute now.


Somehow, cussing in Spanish just feels so much more meaningful.


Sure it’s a bad habit. But… it’s just so satisfying to know everyone’s business.


No one ever said looking good was easy.


We’re doing a public service! It’s not like we’ve been trying to tell people for years or anything…


The chisme gene is strong, and we all have it.


Songs just sound better when you’re clapping along with them.


It’s never too late for a bedtime drink.


That turning point in a person’s life when they’re no longer having chanclas thrown at them, but they’re the ones throwing the chancla.


Pelon. Gordito. Narizon. You get the picture.