Photos via Know Your Meme; Reddit

Hollywood’s got a long way to go when it comes to combatting stereotypes about Latinos. For starters, there seem to be only a handful of archetypes that Latinos embody in Hollywood: undocumented immigrants, narcos, and maids. But there is another persistent trope that people are catching on to when it comes to Hollywood:

For some reason, Hollywood uses a yellow filter on movies and TV shows when they’re depicting Mexico.

In movies like “Sicario” and shows like “Breaking Bad,” the protagonists have gone south of the border and when they do, everything becomes suddenly sepia-toned. Needless to say, the trope is tired and lazy and, at this point, it has become pretty problematic. The use of the yellow filter makes Mexico seem barren, sickly, and jaundiced. And anyone who has been to Mexico before knows that the country is incredibly colorful.

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Of course, some clever internet users have taken the “Mexico filter” trope and memeified it in a million ways. Here are 10 of the funniest memes about Hollywood’s overuse of the yellow “Mexico filter”.


This Twitter user poked fun at the misconceptions Hollywood has about Mexico. As this picture shows, the sky is blue on both sides. Can you believe it?


The “Twilight” movies are famous for a lot of things. Brooding vampires. Longing looks. Sparkly skin. But it’s also famous for the distractingly blue filter used in the first movie. This Twitter user poses a brain-bending question: What color filter would “Twilight” have if it was set in Mexico? Blue? Yellow? Green?


If you can’t go to Mexico, bring Mexico to you. (Ted Cruz, take note.)


Photo via Reddit

You may think this is the same picture, but if you look closely, you’ll see they’re vastly different. See one picture was taken in the U.S.. The other was taken right across the border in Mexico where the sky is yellow.


Can’t you just imagine producers brainstorming how to avoid having to film on-location in Mexico? Why go for authenticity when you can just slap a yellow filter on the footage in post-production?


Photo via Know Your Meme

“Breaking Bad” was inarguably the worst offender when it came to relying on the “Mexico filter.” As soon as Walter White stepped foot in Mexico, he might as well have been landing on Mars, the air was so grimy.


Amazing chocolate. delicious food. Stunning architecture. Gorgeous natural landscapes. All of these amazing gifts that Mexico has to offer and Hollywood can only see one thing: yellow.


Lack of creativity at its finest. Do better, Hollywood!


You, too, can feel like you’re on a Mexican vacation by buying a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses. No need for a plane ticket. Instant Mexico!


Hopefully Hollywood will take note and realize that this trope is played out. There are so many ways to portray such a beautiful and varied country on film. A little research goes a long way!