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Vanessa Guillen’s Sister Appeared On The Red Table Talk: The Estefans— ‘We still don’t know the truth’ about her death

Updated October 28, 2020.

Months have passed since the remains of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen were found buried along the Leon River in Texas on June 30. Now, speaking out on the latest episode of “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” Guillen’s mother and sisters revealed that they are still facing so many unanswered questions. In a sit-down talk with the Grammy-winning music legend Gloria Estefan, her daughter Emily Estefan and niece Lili Estefan, Guillen’s sister, Lupe Guillen shared that she is faced to ask questions about her sister’s disappearance every single day.

Lupe Guillen explained to the Estefans that these days her biggest questions are “Why?

“We still don’t even know the truth, why would they do this to an innocent person? … killed her and after she’s killed, just do all that stuff to her (that) I can’t even say,” Lupe Guillen, told the Estefans.”Why? That’s my question every single day, why? Why? Why her? And I ask to God: ‘¿Por qué ella? ¿Por qué de todos los que existimos, por qué le hicieron eso a ella?’

Guillen’s disappearance and death sparked concern amongst Latino communities across the country. After pushinig for an investigation after her disappearance and demanding reform in the ways in which the military addresses sexual harassment, Guillen’s mom told Gloria Estefan she noticed a change in Vanessa’s weight loss and mental state a few months before she disappeared. Talking to her daughter, Guillen says Vanessa revealed a culture of sexual harassment on the military base.

“Acosan a las muchachas y no dicen nada por miedo.” said Gloria Guillen, recalling a conversation with her daughter.

The latest episode of the Estefans featuring the Guillen’s premieres Wednesday at noon ET and 9 a.m. PT on Facebook Watch. 

A string of disappearances and deaths have been tied to Fort Hood, the United States Army post located in Killeen, Texas leading to a series of investigations and inquiries.

In August, police found the body of Fort Hood resident Sgt. Elder Fernandes near a railroad. Fernandes had been missing for almost two weeks before his body was discovered. It is believed that the missing Fort Hood soldier reported an instance of sexual abuse just before his disappearance.

Temple police received a call on Tuesday evening requesting medical assistance at the site of a railroad where a man was found dead. When officials arrived at the scene they determined that the man, now identified as Fernandes, had been dead for some time.

According to Natalie Khawam, a spokesperson for Fernandes’ family, the Army alerted them of the police’s discovery. Khawam confirmed that his body had been found hanging from a tree. At the scene, police were able to recover Fernandes’ backpack and were able to identify him by using his driver’s license. “Temple police have requested an autopsy and now await forensic identification,” Khawam explained according to People. Police have stated there is currently no foul play suspected in his death.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fernandes family during this challenging time,” Temple Police Chief Shawn Reynolds said in a statement.

Fernandes was a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear specialist who was last seen on Aug. 17.  

Two days later, after the Fernandes family struggled to get ahold of him, they reported him missing to the police. According to CNN, Lt. Col. Chris Brautigam, a 1st Cavalry Division public affairs officer stated that there is an “open investigation of abusive sexual contact” concerning Fernandes and he has been listed as a victim in the inquiry.

Fernandes’s death is only the latest in other disappearances and deaths connected to the base this year.

Earlier this year in May, Pfc. Brandon Scott Rosecrans was found fatally shot on the side of a road. He was 27-years-old. Twenty-eight-year old Brandon Michael Olivares has been accused of killing him in August. Police say Olivares and Rosecrans, a National Defense Service Medal recipient, were driving together in Rosecrans’ Jeep Renegade before he had been shot. His Jeep was found on fire soon after police discovered his body about four miles away from the site of Rosecrans’ body. According to a criminal affidavit, Olivares killed Rosencrans in a dispute over a gun sale.

Olivares is currently being held on a $1 million bond.

Over the summer, parts of Fort Hood soldier Pfc. Vanessa Guillen‘s body was discovered in a river.

Guillen’s body was discovered in a shallow grave by a River in Bell County in June. Soon after, Spc. Aaron David Robinson (who had been suspected in her killing) 20, died by suicide.

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Argentinian MMA Fighter Took Down Man Who Tried To Steal Her Phone

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Argentinian MMA Fighter Took Down Man Who Tried To Steal Her Phone

Radio Brisas / YouTube

There are few things more aggravating and devastating than someone stealing your phone. Smartphones have become an extension of us. Everything is on there. So, when one man tried to steal one from a woman in Argentina, he wasn’t ready for the beatdown of his life.

One thief learned a lesson he won’t soon forget.

A viral video is showing on thief’s hard-learned lesson. A man in Argentina tried to steal a smartphone from an unsuspecting woman. What he wasn’t prepared for was that the woman is an MMA fighter. It was long after he took the phone that he learned that the woman, identified as Brisa, was not someone to be messed with.

Like most people in the world, the 4-foot-11 woman was tired of being on reduced wages because of Covid. She spent a long time saving up money to buy a new smartphone and was furious when the man tried to run away with it.

Brisa was ready to take the man on the moment he snatched her phone.

According to reports, Brisa and her friend immediately gave chase to the man who stole the phone. They yelled for people to help them apprehend the thief and he was finally stopped by a group of workers.

When he was stopped, Brisa finally got her phone back, but that wasn’t it for the thief. Brisa then delivered a series of blows to teach the man a thing or two about stealing from her.

“I refused to accept this guy coming along and making more than half my wages in three seconds,” Brisa told Nostros a La Mañana. “Hopefully this guy never steals again. I was lucky because I know how to defend myself as I practice MMA, but I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

People on social media are celebrating her moment of vigilante justice.

This is not the first time a man has tried to steal from a woman in Latin America and suffered severe punishment. Last year, a man tried to steal a phone from a woman in Brazil who turned out to be an MMA fighter. The man was also taught a valuable lesson.

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11-Year-Old Boy Steals School Bus, Leads Cops on a 45-Minute High-Speed Chase in Baton Rouge

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11-Year-Old Boy Steals School Bus, Leads Cops on a 45-Minute High-Speed Chase in Baton Rouge

Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

On Sunday morning, drivers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were treated to a sight they definitely don’t see very often: an 11-year-old boy driving a school bus. But it wasn’t just any “ride”; it was an unaccompanied, illegal joy ride.

That’s right, over the weekend, a young Louisiana boy managed to steal a school bus from the local Head Start and take it out for a spin.

He then led police officers on a 45-minute, high-speed chase around Baton Rouge.


Only in Louisiana you have a 9 year old kid steal a school bus😂 #batonrouge #Louisiana #diffrentbreed #fypシ #foryou #schoolbus

♬ original sound – Laine Taylor

A TikTok user named @lainetaylor captured the chase on video. As the school bus zoomed down the street, it appeared that around a dozen cop cars were in hot-pursuit of the rogue boy.

Witness Joy Gradney described her first-hand experience to the local WAFB news station, saying, “As he got closer and closer and closer, I saw it’s a little boy in there and he was laughing. He was like giggling on the way across Florida [Ave] as he goes right past me. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe it’s a little boy!'”

According to authorities, the bus was a “push to start” model, so it was easy for the boy to start the vehicle without any keys. As for how he could reach the pedals, that’s a question we’d like an answer to.

Police also claimed that they little boy was flipping them off and taunting them as he drove the stolen school bus.

The chase eventually ended when the bus crashed into a tree. Thankfully, no one was hurt (although three other cars were apparently hit during the chase). The boy was arrested and put in handcuffs.

Libby Smith, the woman whose tree he crashed into, sounded as shocked as anyone when she found out who the bus’s driver was.

“I’m thinking, ‘What in the world is going on?’ And my first thought is that it was a lot of kids on the bus,” she explained to WAFB. “Thank goodness he was okay he was safe, but it was not your typical Sunday afternoon occurrence for sure!”

According to reports, the police charged the boy with “theft of a vehicle, aggravated flight, damage to property and aggravated assault.” We have a feeling he won’t be stealing any more busses any time soon.

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