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Pictures Speak Louder Than Words—18 Photos That Show Just How Devastating Australia’s Bushfires Have Been

Bushfires across Australia have shown no sign of slowing down, forcing the evacuation of entire towns and shutting down major highways along the way. At least 17 people have died since the bushfire season began in August and millions of animals have been killed across some 19,300 square miles of devastation. For nearby towns and cities, a toxic cloud of smoke poses an ongoing health threat to residents, forcing many to wear ventilation masks when outdoors. The 2019–2020 Australian bushfire season marks the most destructive and widespread season in the country’s history.

Exhausted firefighters are facing at least two more months on the frontline before the horrific and unprecedented bushfire season shows any sign of letting up. 

Thousands of homes have been lost and authorities estimate at least half a billion animals —whether native Australian or livestock relied on by farmers— have been killed in the fires.

Most of the nation’s cities and towns are also or have been, blanketed in thick, hazardous bushfire smoke.

But words and statistics aside, nothing explains the horror locals and firefighters are dealing with, more poignantly than pictures.To show you just how serious the situation is, we made a list of images that prove that things are absolutely terrifying in the Land Down Under. A warning, some of the following photos are graphic.

Fire fighters are saving people, animals, and homes in Australia

Australia glows like lava after being consumed by bushfire

Over 1 billion animals feared dead in Australian wildfires

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Last week, an ecologist at the University of Sydney estimated that nearly half a billion animals had been wiped out since Australia’s devastating wildfires started spreading in September. Now, he says that number has soared to over 800 million in New South Wales and over 1 billion nationally. 

A kangaroo that died trying to escape 

A juvenile kangaroo tragically caught on a fence trying to escape the devastating Cudlee Creek fire in South Australia. Locals Terry Reardon and Joan Gibbs managed to save their Fox Creek Rd property although the entire area around was burnt, killing hundreds of native animals. 

Thousands of firefighters are battling fires for hours on end

No filters. Australia is red from wildfires.

You know it’s serious when wild animals ask human for help

Matrix for Daily Mail Australia

The Kangaroo Is Drenched In Water After Approaching A Human For Help

Bushfire evacuation

Thick plumes of smoke rise from bushfires along the coast of East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, on January 4 

Australian Maritime Safety Authority via Reuters

Burned animal carcasses lie along the road 

The New Batlow Hotel via Reuters

After bushfires swept through Batlow, New South Wales, Australia, on January 5, dozens of animals were seen dead along the road. This image is from a video taken through a car window.

A local shelters near a wharf in Mallacoota, Victoria, where horrific bushfires turned the sky blood red. 

The Australia Flag flies under red skies

Getting away from the fires in Mallacoota

Finn Burns, one of the many kids to flee the Mallacoota fires via water. The terrifying photo went global.

Rubble everywhere

The rubble of buildings sits on the ground after they were destroyed by fire, in Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia. 

Cow lies dead in Coogalite

Cars are melting in the fires

Charred cars line the streets of NSW

Like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie

The fires are hot enough to melt vehicles

Molten metal running from a burnt-out car in Victoria.

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Two Teen Girls Died in a Suspicious House Fire During a Sleepover After a Quinceañera; Police Suspect Foul Play

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Two Teen Girls Died in a Suspicious House Fire During a Sleepover After a Quinceañera; Police Suspect Foul Play


On November 22nd, Lisa Treviño received news that is every mother’s worst nightmare. Police officers came to Treviño’s house and informed her that two teenage girls had died in a fire at a nearby apartment.

One of the girls was her daughter, 15-year-old Azalyia “YaYa” Hernandez. The other victim was her friend, 16-year-old Eliza “Ellie” Maurer.

Pictured: Azalyia Hernandez. Credit: Britny Cranford via GoFundMe

The girls were sophomores at Fredericksburg High School. The night started out like a typical weekend for any teenager: Hernandez told her mother that she was going to go to a sleepover with Maurer after they had both attended a quinceañera with her family earlier that day.

“I’m the type that when my kids aren’t at home, I’m the type that calls them. And I can’t go to sleep until I hear from them that they’re okay,” Treviño told Spectrum News 1. “I told her, ‘Okay, Azalyia, make good choices, think good choices and I love you.’ And the last text I got, ‘I will mom. I love you too.'” That was the last communication Treviño had with her daughter.

The Maurer family is also coping with their grief. They released a statement, saying: “We are shocked and devastated at the news of our daughter’s death. Ellie (Eliza) was a beautiful child. She loved playing basketball and volleyball. She had a spunky personality and was a social butterfly. Ellie was loved by her friends and family. We still cannot believe this happened. We have been so blessed by the outpouring of support by friends, family and the community and we are incredibly thankful for that.”

Pictured: Eliza Maurer; Credit: @1.ellie.m/Instagram

According to the Sorola-Treviño family, police suspect foul play was involved.

“As with all deaths, they are treated as a homicide until proven otherwise,” said Fredericksburg Chief of Police Steven Wetz to Spectrum News 1.

According to Treviño, police told her that the girls’ bodies were found in a bedroom. The Fredericksburg Police Department says that the primary causes of both deaths was smoke inhalation. Evidence points to the fire having been started on a couch.

“The very first thing that they told us was that they found them nude and that there was foul play, and there was some suspects who had run from the apartment,” said Gary Sorola, Hernandez’s stepfather, to Fox 7 Austin.

It is still unknown why the girls were at the apartment building, but the Sorola-Treviño family say that the girls knew the son of the woman who rents the apartment.

The Fredericksburg community is shaken by the death of the two girls. Both of the girls’ families are devastated. The victims’ families and friends said the two girls had big plans for the future. Ellie wanted to become a lawyer, while YaYa wanted to join the Air Force and work with K-9s before becoming a nurse.

December 14th would have been Azalyia’s 16th birthday. But now, her mother will have to endure what should have been a happy day without her daughter.

“Now she’s gone and I’m not gonna have a chance to ever see her grow or accomplish what she wanted to accomplish. She’s gone. They took her from me too young,” Treviño said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the night in question (November 21st) to come forward. Contact them at 830-997-7585 or call Crime Stoppers at 997-8477 (TIPS).

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Brian Alvarez Is So Good At An Australian Accent That His Video Went Viral Down Under


Brian Alvarez Is So Good At An Australian Accent That His Video Went Viral Down Under

@brianjoralvarez / Twitter

We all know people who have attempted the Australian accent several times. It is also so exaggerated and just not it. Well, Australia just told us all who has the best Australian accent and it is Colombian-American actor Brian Alvarez.

Brian Alvarez took to Twitter to celebrate President-elect Joe Biden’s win as an Australian.

Tbh, a lot of good points are made in this video. However, the best part of the video is Alvarez’s stellar Australian accent. Alvarez has graced our screens for years as different characters. Most recently, Alvarez played Jack’s Spanish flight attendant boyfriend turned fiance turned husband. It seems that moving forward he has a strong chance to play an Australian.

His accent is so spot on that he even did some news shows in Australia.

Australians are big fans of this man’s accent. He is being praised on social media by Australians who are excited to see an American do the accent properly. It is truly so hard to have someone do an Australian accent without doing an exaggerated, Outback accent. It is like using just the southern accent to represent all Americans. It might be the most recognizable but it is not the most common accent.

The actor claims to be from Melbourne while doing the accent but he is not from Australia. The actor was born in Manhattan but that accent is just as authentic as any other. Way to go, mijo!

One news channel gave us a mashup of Americans attempting Australian accents to compare it to.

It is clearly heads and shoulder above the rest of the pack. Not only do the anchors know the magnitude of Alvarez’s accent, Aussies on social media are going crazy. His subtle nuances in the accent deliver the accent like few other American entertainers can. Truly an amazing feat for the actor.

To be fair, Alvarez’s portrayal on “Will & Grace” is kind of amazing.

He nails the over-the-top gay Spaniard accent. It is so good that it is funny because we have heard this accent at one point or another. It seems that Alvarez is just good at doing all kinds of accents. What an incredible talent, tbh. We all wish we were this good at accents.

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