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They Pranked Me When I Was Younger, Now Easter Is The Perfect Holiday To Get Back At My Older Siblings

Growing up, I never liked Easter. Let me explain.


Because I was the youngest, my older relatives took turns pranking me in ways that may or may not have caused irreversible psychological damage. Other times, they just

One year my sister convinced me that chocolate I’d eaten from a plastic egg was candy she’d found in the trash.


Hilarious, right? I spent the whole day sick to my stomach, thinking I was going to die from food poisoning.

Well, now that I’m older and my sister has children, I’ve learned to appreciate the fine art of revenge.


Pranking my sobrinas is my favorite thing to do on Easter. And best of all, my sister gets payback for all the trauma she caused me all those years ago. Here’s a taste of some of my favorite pranks to pull off. Here are a few pranks I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of over the last few years.

My favorite thing to do is hide rubber snakes near my sobrinas plastic Easter eggs.


When they go to pick up an egg, they catch a glimpse of one of these bad boys and run off screaming. Yeah, this one is cruel, but kids should have a healthy fear of snakes anyway. So if you think about it, I’m actually helping them out. Plus it’s hilarious to watch my sister try to calm them down.

Tootsie rolls can be used for good or evil…


With a little elbow grease and some artistic license, something as tasty as a tootsie roll can be turned into a parents worst nightmare. I relished the look of horror on my sister’s face as she watched her kids eat what she thought was… just look at the gif.

Swapping ingredients in a Cadbury Creme Egg can get some solid prank results.


Is there anything more delicious than biting into a creamy Cadbury Egg? Yeah, there is. Revenge. Just swap out the creme in the egg for something less tasty, like mayo.

Super glue makes plastic Easter eggs impossible to open.

Eggs Mazapan

I spent the night before carefully super gluing each plastic egg shut so that no matter how hard my nieces and nephews tried, the eggs wouldn’t open. I told them the candy inside was “totally worth it.” Eventually they just stomped on the eggs to crack them open, only to find I’d hidden mazapan inside, which had been turned into powder.

Then there was that time I left a ransom note in the eggs, telling them that the Easter Bunny had been kidnapped.

Ransom Easter Bunny
Ranjan Gupta / Flickr

Yeah, I kind of feel guilty about this one, but it was totally worth it. My sister spent a handful of hours consoling her distraught kids. But even after she finally got them to calm down, I had another plan. I had a carton of milk in the fridge with a “missing bunny” photo printed on the side.

So just remember, if everyone picks on you cause you’re the youngest in the family, one day you’ll be able to clap back like thunder.


And not just on Easter, every holiday is a great chance to get back at your older brother’s and sisters.

And don’t feel bad for my sobrinas…

Kill Bill 2 /  Miramax

I know one day they’re going to come back and take revenge on their dear old tio.

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Rio’s Christ The Redeemer Lights Up To Honor Healthcare Workers Around The World

Things That Matter

Rio’s Christ The Redeemer Lights Up To Honor Healthcare Workers Around The World

Healthcare workers need all the support they can get during this crisis. They’re literally on the front lines of a battle against an invisible enemy and in many places, they’re not being given the recognition they need and deserve.

However, some communities have come together to show their support. From giant mariachi bands in Mexico City to the Effie Tower’s message of hope – and now Rio’s Christ statue – we hope these brave healthcare workers are feeling all the love.

Rio’s archdioceses held Easter services at the base of the famed statue and paid tribute to healthcare workers.


With churches and other houses of worship closed to maintain social distancing measures, Brazilian archbishop Orani Tempesta conducted an Easter service at the feet of the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro—and projected a special message onto the 125-foot-tall statue.

For the second time since the coronavirus escalated to a global pandemic, the statue appeared illuminated with images of the flags of countries hardest hit by the virus, including the United States, China, Spain, Italy, and Brazil, and the words “hope,” “thanks,” and “stay home” written in various languages.

Projected images of doctors and nurses also intermittently appeared on the figure, putting individual faces to that vital workforce.

The statue, depicting Christ with outstretched arms, was also dressed up in a doctor’s scrubs, lab coat, and stethoscope as a tribute to the healthcare workers on the front line of the pandemic.

The images that lit up the sky on Easter Sunday provided a different message than the one that Brazilian president Jair Bolsanaro has been sharing.

Brazil has so far recorded more than 22,000 Covid-19 cases and 1,230 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. However, President Jair Bolsonaro remains one of the few world leaders playing down the threat of the disease.

The populist leader has continued to push back on social-distancing policies in recent weeks, dismissing the coronavirus as a “little flu” and saying Brazil will suffer more if the economy collapses.

In fact, over the weekend he scoffed at social distancing measures, telling local media outlets “No one will hinder my right to come and go.”

Rio’s famed statue has been closed by the pandemic since mid-March – along with much of the country’s top attractions.

The famed statue has withstood the worst of what the elements could throw its way for nearly nine decades. Now it, too, is succumbing to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. 

The 125-foot-tall statue, which last year saw almost 2 million visitors, closed on March 17 and won’t reopen for at least a month. To contain the virus’ spread, Brazil’s Chico Mendes Institute on Tuesday ordered the closure of all national parks it oversees, including the one that’s home to the Christ statue.

Rio seems less marvelous by the day with the creep of the new virus. Firemen began blaring recordings that urge beachgoers to stay home, one day before Rio’s Gov. Wilson Witzel decreed a state of emergency.

Among other things, Witzel’s decree recommended that restaurants and bars limit themselves to 30% capacity for 15 days, that boats and buses halve their passenger loads, that shopping malls close and people avoid beaches and public pools. The decree also suspended classes and all other activities and events that entail gatherings.

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Vanessa Bryant And Her Daughters Celebrate Easter Together Three Months After Kobe and Gianna’s Deaths


Vanessa Bryant And Her Daughters Celebrate Easter Together Three Months After Kobe and Gianna’s Deaths

vanessabryant / Instagram

Life moves on.

Three months after the tragic helicopter accident that took the life of her husband, basketball player Kobe Bryant, and daughter Gianna, Vanessa Bryant is getting ready for Spring.

In a recent video, Bryant celebrated Easter with her two daughters.

In a recent video shared to her Instagram account, the 37-year-old mother showed her daughters Bianka, 3, and 9-month-old Capri getting into the Easter spirit. At the start of the video, Bianka breaks into a large Easter egg while her little sister looks on. Bryant captured the video “Easter Treats!🐰🥚Bianka & Capri.”

“I’ll help you,” Bryant says in the video breaking the egg to reveal the treats inside.“Oh look, there are treats inside — let’s see what’s in there. “Is that funny Koko Bean? Is that so cute?”

The video marks the first year the Bryant family will celebrate the holiday without their father and second oldest sister.

This is the first Easter Vanessa will celebrate with her children since her husband Kobe Brant, and their 13-year-old daughter Gianna died in a January helicopter crash. In the three months that have passed since her husband’s death, Bryant has continued to show tributes to him and her daughter.

Earlier this month, Bryant celebrated her husband’s posthumous induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

To reflect on the announcement Vanessa and her daughter Natalia, 17, spoke with CNN.

“It’s an incredible accomplishment and honor and we’re extremely proud of him,” Bryant said during the interview. “Obviously we wish that he was here with us to celebrate but it’s definitely the peak of his NBA career. Every accomplishment that he had as an athlete was a stepping stone to be here. We’re incredibly proud of him.”

Kobe Bryant’s death has triggered a flood of love and tributes for the former Los Angeles Lakers player. The 41-year-old sports star died tragically on Jan. 26 in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. Let us take a moment to remember when the late basketball super star thanked his LA fans in Spanish after his last game.

Kobe Byrant played his final game as a Los Angeles Laker in April 2016. The then-37-year-old went out in style, scoring 60 points in a victory over the Utah Jazz. After the game, Kobe answered lots of questions from the press, including a few from Spanish language reporters.

Bryant spoke a little Español and thanked Latino fans in Los Angeles for welcoming him with open arms.

Credit: HOY Deportes Los Ángeles / Facebook

“When I arrived, [Latino fans] were the ones who embraced me the most.”

Bryant said he promised fans he would learn Spanish and he did (sort of):

Credit: HOY Deportes Los Ángeles / Facebook

“My Spanish isn’t very good, but I can speak it a bit.”

He also mentioned that three of his biggest fans are Latinas:

Credit: HOY Deportes Los Ángeles / Facebook

“Having a wife who is Latina is also significant… and my daughters, too.”

And he revealed what he hopes NBA players take from his career:

Credit: HOY Deportes Los Ángeles / Facebook

“That they have to play with lots of passion. Love this game. You have to love it.”

Watch the full video:

Kobe Bryant después de su último partidoKobe Bryant habló sobre la importancia de los fans latinos en su carrera y el legado que deja en la NBA #ThankYouKobe

Posted by HOY Deportes Los Ángeles on Thursday, April 14, 2016

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