These Latino Murals Are Redefining Street Art In L.A.

2017 Kia Forte: Technology for the Modern Driver

Murals are a reflection of the community, but they also make for the prettiest Instagram photos. These are 11 larger-than-life murals that celebrate our culture and will probably get you over 11 likes, check them out asap with a little help from your Kia Forte and its GPS system.

1. The Pacoima Art Revolution

Where: Pacoima’s Mural Mile


2. Murals and Mariposas

Where: Pacoima, San Fernando Valley


3. Women in Living Color

Where: East Los Angeles, Mid-City area in Los Angeles

4. Stained Glass Savant

Where: Downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Ventura

5. Life and Diversity on Canvas

Where: Venice, Echo Park and Downtown Los Angeles

A photo posted by #ELMAC (@mac_arte) on

CREDIT: Instagram/@davidfloresart

From Morocco to Arizona, El Mac’s mural art combines textured paintings with dreamy effects, while making statements on politics, love, life and diversity. We’re in awe with how he uses natural landscape to complete his paintings, like he did here with the mountains.

6. Mixing Herbology and Hues

Where: Cerritos

7. Oaxacan Food with a Side of Art

Where: Koreatown