These Latino Murals Are Redefining Street Art In L.A.

2017 Kia Forte: Technology for the Modern Driver

Murals are a reflection of the community, but they also make for the prettiest Instagram photos. These are 11 larger-than-life murals that celebrate our culture and will probably get you over 11 likes, check them out asap with a little help from your Kia Forte and its GPS system.

1. The Pacoima Art Revolution

Where: Pacoima’s Mural Mile


When Levi Ponce he was a kid, he used to help his dad paint signs and billboards all over Los Angeles. This curiosity for art followed him into adulthood. Ponce’s started painting and now has his own murals in Southern California with some of his most iconic work found in Pacoima, Calif., a working-class neighborhood. 

My mural as featured by @lowridermagazine who held a photoshoot in Pacoima today.

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If you’re a “Machete” fan, drive through the San Fernando Valley and snap a selfie with this Danny Trejo mural.

2. Murals and Mariposas

Where: Pacoima, San Fernando Valley


Latina artist Kristy Sandoval makes boring buildings waaaay more interesting with her bright murals. Not only are they pretty, every mural has a message, like the one above she calls “Decolonized.” Most people just see birds flying out a cage, but the brightly pigmented parrots and butterflies represent the natural need of migration without papers. California poppies represent the Golden State while a tattoo of the Aztec moon goddess honors the woman’s heritage. Dope, right?!  Also you can’t miss how creative she was using an awning for the woman’s skirt. Drive to the corner of Bradley and Van Nuys Boulevard in Pacoima to see her amazing work in person.

3. Women in Living Color

Where: East Los Angeles, Mid-City area in Los Angeles

Show girls ???

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If you’ve walked down the streets of Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago, you’ve probably seen these muñecas painted by East LA native, Sand One. But these curvy and big-lashed dolls are more than just a pretty face – they’re a symbol of the independent woman Sand One wants all women to be. Based on the looks of these dolls, we want to know if she can give us a makeup makeover.

4. Stained Glass Savant

Where: Downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Ventura

City of Angels 2016 #davidflores #rfk – Spray , roller . #losangeles #views #newmuralists

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Muralist David Flores started his career as a freelance illustrator for a skateboard company, but wanted to take his art to an even bigger canvas – blank walls to be exact. Now you can drive up and down Los Angeles to spot Flores’ super cool stained glass or mosaic style murals, like this one above.

5. Life and Diversity on Canvas

Where: Venice, Echo Park and Downtown Los Angeles

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CREDIT: Instagram/@davidfloresart

From Morocco to Arizona, El Mac’s mural art combines textured paintings with dreamy effects, while making statements on politics, love, life and diversity. We’re in awe with how he uses natural landscape to complete his paintings, like he did here with the mountains.

6. Mixing Herbology and Hues

Where: Cerritos

#resistencia next solo exhibition at @museo_de_las_americas June 23rd. See you soon Denver!!!

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Forget that pink wall in West Hollywood that everyone took pictures in front of in 2013. This painting offers so much color, culture and creativity. Although much of Saner’s art can be seen south of the border in Mexico, stopping at Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, just north of Orange County, will make for a badass Instagram post.

7. Oaxacan Food with a Side of Art

Where: Koreatown

One of Los Angeles’ most revered Latino food stops is La Guelaguetza, a family-owned restaurant that serves up mole delicacies and more from Oaxaca. Now you can take a foodporn pic and follow it with cool wall art. Restaurant partner Bricia Lopez brought a pair of Oaxaca muralists named LaPiztola to breathe new life to the walls of her restaurant through a towering mural. The artists used stencils and spray paint to create the silhouettes of the children and contrast it off with a bright orange background to celebrate the people, food, music and art Oaxaca has to offer.

Take a road trip to see these monumental murals in your 2017 Kia Forte!