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11 Mouthwatering Recipes With Abuelita Chocolate That You Have To Try

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It’s likely that anyone who’s tasted Chocolate Abuelita is likely obsessed with it. But what if we told you there’s more to it than just hot chocolate? We’re about to blow your mind.

What if I told you that you can make a Chocolate Abuelita cheesecake? ?

Mexican Chocolate Cheesecake #abuelitachocolate #foodporn #nomnom

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Better yet, some Chocolate Abuelita macarons…

Abuelita Chocolate macarons #beyasmacarons #frenchmacarons #abuelitachocolate #macarons

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Definitely not your basic macarons.

For the holidays you can bake a pecan pie with an Abuelita chocolate twist.

For desert Mexican Chocolate Pecan pie #thanksgiving #abuelitachocolate

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If you’re a fan of pecan pie, this recipe is a must try!

It doesn’t get more refreshing than some Chocolate Abuelita ice cream. ?

Alright, alright, I caved. ?? #abuelitachocolate #horchata #icecream

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It’s the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

And perfect with a glass of milk are these Chocolate Abuelita cinnamon rolls.

??? #examen #rolls #cinamon #abuelitachocolate ?

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Cinnamon+Chocolate=deliciousness. ?

If you thought these recipes couldn’t get any sweeter, wait till you try these Chocolate Abuelita cupcakes.

PLUS dulce de leche frosting??? YASSS. ??

For a sugary treat, we’re just going to drop these Chocolate Abuelita cookies right here.

And they look like conchas! ?

Perfect for the chilly mornings, you can make yourself a yummy Chocolate Abuelita latte.

Perfect for this weather ☁️☔ ☕️#abuelitalatte

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Make mine a double! ☝?

And if you’re a fan of cold beverages…

Abuelita Frapuccino✨ #lifeisbeautiful #foodielife #somethingnew #abuelitachocolate

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The Chocolate Abuelita frap is perfect for you.

After you’re all caffeinated and ready to get turnt, go with this white Russian with a touch of Chocolate Abuelita.

#whiterussian variation topped w/ #abuelitachocolate #cantinero #cantineros #bartender #barman #barkeep

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I’ll take one! ??

And in case you didn’t already know, Chocolate Abuelita is also used to make some bomb a** mole.

So what else can you make with Chocolate Abuelita?

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