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As TikTok star Vanesa Amaro will tell you, there is dignity in domestic work. Vanesa Amaro grew a devoted following on TikTok for her viral cleaning hacks. Not only were Amaro’s cleaning tips incredibly useful, but her cheery and playful attitude while cleaning is downright infectious. Amaro’s TikTok is so popular that she currently has over 4 million followers. She is now so successful that she is able to clean homes for free for families who are going through a hard time.

While there is still a stigma surrounding domestic work today, Amaro shows people that cleaning houses can be just as rewarding and enjoyable as any other job. While browsing Amaro’s TikTok, you can see clearly that cleaning houses is her calling. And Amaro wants to use her platform to let other domestic workers know that their jobs are just as important as anybody else’s.

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“Even though I love my job, I understand that we are constantly being looked down upon and we are being judged for the work that we decided to do,” she said in a recent TikTok. “If you’re a housekeeper, hold your head up high. Because this job is an honest job. And you’re awesome.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Through her messages of support for other domestic workers, the Texan also shares life-changing señora hacks. Here are 11 of Vanesa Amaro’s best TikTok cleaning hacks.

Cleaning your shower with a showerhead extension gets the job done a million times easier and sans back pain.

Vanesa Amaro showed us how to use a Rinseroo, is a hose-like showerhead extension that you can attach to clean your entire shower.

You can also do it with a cup.

Instead of tipping the cup over on the shower wall, lay the cup flat against the wall to rinse without wasting water.

If you didn’t know, there’s a *correct* way to clean a toilet

So, we’ve been doing this wrong. Apparently, to fully clean a toilet, you have to remove the seat if you want to be thorough. If you don’t know, now you know!

And you know how greasy stove-top grates after making huevos con chorizo. Here’s how to clean them the easy way:

  1. Spray them with de-greaser. 2. Throw them in boiling water with dishwashing pods and dish soap. 3. Scrub them again with dish soap 4. Rinse!

If you have a moldy shower, Vanessa has just the pro tip for you:

According to Vanesa Amaro, you should spray the shower with Tilex, let it sit for an hour or so, and come back. The mold will be much easier to get rid of!

Here’s your how-to instructional on getting rid of the dreaded toilet ring:

Vanesa recommends using the Pumie Scouring Stick to get rid of the tough-to-clean toilet rings.

How to clean ceiling fans without making a mess:

Pro tip: move your furniture out of the way before cleaning your ceiling fans. That way, you won’t have to spend time vacuuming up dust from your couch.

How often should you move your furniture to clean underneath it?

The age-old question. Vanesa recommends every 3 months.

You probably haven’t been doing this but you should def clean your vaccuum brush. Here’s how:

This one definitely blew our minds. We didn’t even know you could clean out your vacuum brush. Total game-changer!

If you have wall stains but are afraid of damaging the paint, here’s the trick:

Sure, Magic Erasers come in handy, but they can also work too well (i.e. they strip paint off the walls). Instead of a Magic Eraser, Vanesa suggests you use Zep Foaming Wall Cleaner which is tough on stains but gentle on paint.

And one of Vanessa’s most magical hacks is how to prevent water stains on glass shower doors:

Removing water stains from glass doors is practically impossible. But luckily, Vanesa has a solution. Spray Rain-X Glass Water Repellent on your shower door and wipe it down with a microfiber towel. After it dries, water will roll right off the glass.