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TikToker Goes Viral For Humiliating A Domestic Worker In A ‘Prank’ Video And It’s Cringeworthy

One scroll through TikTok or Facebook, and you’ll likely video after video of people playing pranks on one another. In fact, the genre is now one of the most popular across social media platforms. But most of the videos are in good humor and considered fun by those involved. However, not all of these ‘prank videos’ are in good nature.

From trends that make fun of those with disabilities to pranks on babies a few months old (such as throwing cheese or water at them to see their reactions), some trends are controversial. But the controversies aren’t stopping people from uploading their own versions on the quest to get more followers.

A Mexican tiktoker is in hot water after her video goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

In a recent video that’s gone viral across Mexico, a TikToker, identified as Marisa López, is seeing trying to play a ‘joke’ on a domestic worker who she says she considers as part of her family. But few viewers saw it the way she did.

“The lady who works with me, Silvia, has just gone out to buy queso panela. We always come for the packet of cheese, but this time I’m going to ask her why didn’t she buy five…that I told her to buy five, to see what her reaction is, ” Marisa says in her TikTok video.

After Silvia returns to the car, the woman “confronts” her by saying that she asked her to buy five packs of queso panela. Although Silvia simply avoids confrontation and apologizes with an “oh, I didn’t hear you”, Marisa insists and punishes her saying “I’m really starting to get angry.”

For many, the ‘prank’ brings to light the very real issue of racism and colorism in Mexican society.

Mexico has long grappled with its own issues of racism, classism, and colorism. For many in the country, there exists two societies: one for lighter-skinned Mexicans who can trace their European heritage and one for darker-skinned Mexicans who have more pronounced Indigenous features.

Much like in the United States, Brown Mexicans are at higher risk of suffering from inequality and a broken justice system that views them as second class citizens. Dark-skinned Mexicans are also more likely to live in poverty and work in the informal economy compared to their light-skinned paisanos.

So the power structure between Marisa and the woman who works for her, Silvia, is built upon systemic racism and colorism. For this reason, many don’t see this as a prank but as an elite, white Mexican using her position of power to humiliate a woman from a lower socio-economic class.

Countless viewers described it as “classist”, adding the label “Whitexican”, which is used to disparagingly identify the upper class of Mexico. Other’s questioned whether Marisa was providing her ‘family member’ with the required social security protections and a fair wage.

Reactions on social media were swift with most condemning the woman for such elitist behavior.

Although in the end, Marisa ended up revealing to Silvia that it was all a joke for TikTok, thousands of people were quick to point out everything that was wrong with the video. Many accused Marisa of abusing her social status to humiliate Silvia. Among the comments that were most common on social media, were people pointing out the privileges that some Mexicans live with.

“Hopefully Silvia will do a TikTok complaining about labor harassment (and possibly for breach of labor rights) to see if this fucking abusive lady finds it so funny,” said one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user pointed out that “Whitexican jokes are very strange. I was moved by the lady because it made her want to, but it didn’t come out. Silvia is too smart and doesn’t fall for meaningless jokes ”.

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