Right now, Black women across the globe are facing the tricky dilemma of learning how to manage their hair while self-isolating. The coronavirus pandemic has forced nonessential businesses like hair salons to temporarily closed and put stylists out of work Black women. As a result, many Black women and men are having to rely on themselves to care for at style your hair.

If you’re unsure of how to wash, condition, or even style your hair, check out the links below. We’ve rounded up some of the best vlogs on the internet to help you learn how to do it all, whether you’re natural, heat styling, or transitioning.

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Watch this if you need some tips on giving yourself a proper wash.

If you’re still getting a hang of washing your hair on your own on your more, be sure to section off your hair with clips

This video is for styling for hair types 3c 4a 4b & 4c.

This video will help if you’ve had to take a break from relaxers.

This tutorial on how to straighten your hair will help prevent heat damage.

Key to preventing heat damage, and ensuring the natural curl pattern of your hair while straightening? Heat protectant. Many Youtubers recommend using two layers of heat protectant at a time.

This tutorial will help with doing a silk press.

Don’t forget! If you’re going to straighten your hair use as much heat protectant as possible. Keep heat styling temperatures low! For a good silk press, use a comb.