So you’re at home quarantining and need of a little self-care. And guess what? You deserve it. Self-isolation is no joke and your consideration of the health of the other people around you is not only so essential but impactful too.

So, to help you through whatever self-isolation blues you may be experiencing we put together a list for helpful ways to create your own at-home spa. From recreating the soothing smells of essential oils to getting a great pedicure, we hope you enjoy!

Eucalyptus on your shower head.

It’s an old trick but a goodie.

Ditch your sweats and go for a robe.

And don’t forget your slippers or comfy socks!

Put that jade roller to good use!

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And remember that the best way to use your jade roller is with a good moisturizer.

Get ready for a foot peel!

The brand Baby Foot has made it possible to do the toughest part of a salon pedicure right at home. Slip your feet into these babies and you can expect the removal of all those dead skin cells on your feet that build up over time.

And follow up with a mani or pedi.

For a real pedi/ mani feel make sure to use gel nail polish.

Don’t forget to do some eye care.

Eye masks are a dime a dozen these days and its easy to figure out which hydro eye masks are right for you with a few searches online. Still we recommend these gold eye masks which will make you feel like a pure reina.

And to give your body a good scrub down.

Above all, be sure to give your whole body some love and moisturizing with a good body scrub. Don’t forget your legs and arms!