Researchers Are Finding That Boys Are Being Given The Freedom To Be More In Touch With Their Feelings Because Of Quarantine

Studies have shown that even at an early age, children are susceptible to the pressures of conforming. For boys, the pressure to be more physical during play, express emotions less, and suppress the need to express feelings of happiness or even sadness is very real. What’s more, these findings (which have found that beyond the stereotypes that push young girls into feeling as if they are naturally unsuited for STEM fields) boys are also affected and told that they should avoid interests in reading and writing.

These pressures can lead to grave consequences in the future as a result which almost always negatively influences women on a greater scale. The impacts of these pressures can be so serious in fact that national conversations about the gender stereotypes boys are forced to fulfill are increasing.

A new study is finding that in addition to the various negative effects the current pandemic has had on children, it has one particular upside: boys are being given space to access their full range of emotions.

In the time since schools have shut down, authorities say that boys are feeling less of the gendered pressures they once felt in school.

According to a 2018 report published by The State of Gender Equality, one out of three boys will internalize cultural messages to “be dominant, physically strong, violent, unemotional, denigrating to girls and seeing girls as sexual objects.” At the same time, the study found that 82% of boys had reported witnessing someone being insulted for “acting like a girl” when a male peer cried or displayed emotions.

Experts are saying that the current pandemic is easing the social pressures many boys feel in school.

Peggy Orenstein, an author who writes about the discrepancy between male and female sexuality, chronicled the issues boys face in school in her 2020 book “Boys & Sex.” According to CNN, Orenstein’s book paints “a simplistic view of masculine normalcy that cut them off from their full humanity, from interests and feelings and expressions that aren’t biologically masculine or feminine, but are culturally marked that way.” According to the author, the pandemic “relieved a certain kind of social pressure they felt to perform because they’re in a more private space. They can drop the wall a little bit more.”

“Boys face negative long-term mental and physical health outcomes from the socialization towards emotional suppression,” Orenstein underlined in her interview with CNN.

The point? Quarantine is giving boys the much-needed space that allows them to express themselves properly and productively.

“The extreme stress of COVID has revealed that the problem is not the boys; it’s the boyhood that we make for them,” psychologist and author Michael C. Reichert explained to CNN about the behavioral changes.”If we create a different set of norms, make a different space, and see boys through opened eyes, we’ll see that they’re relational, emotional human beings,” he said. “Behind the mask is a beating heart.”

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Here Are Some Key Take-Aways From President Trump’s Disastrous Axios Interview

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Here Are Some Key Take-Aways From President Trump’s Disastrous Axios Interview

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

President Donald Trump recently did an interview with journalist Jonathan Swan for Axios and it was very bizarre. From bragging that the U.S. has a death rate lower than the world’s to claiming to have done more for African-Americans than John Lewis, the interview went off the rails from the beginning.

President Donald Trump’s latest interview is a wild ride in the worst way.

The president of the United States used an interview with Axios to try to push his narratives. From Covid to Ghislaine Maxwell to John Lewis to Russia, President Trump managed to spout a series of conspiracy theories and questionable statements. The interview has left many scratching their heads in disbelief.

One of the most bizarre moments is when Trump produced incoherent charts trying to change the Covid response narrative.

First, President Trump tells Jonathan Swan that the average 1,000 daily deaths and daily 65,000 infections “is what it is.” The president further argued that the country was doing everything it could to get it as under control as possible.

President Trump also tried to continue pushing the false narrative that the U.S. is doing the best with testing. As it stands, it takes days for some people to get their test results back, which makes contact tracing difficult. Contact tracing is one of the most important tools to control the virus that has already killed more than 155,000 people in the U.S.

On Representative John Lewis, President Trump was less than kind.

When asked how history would remember him for not attending Rep. John Lewis’ funeral, Trump began about how Rep. Lewis didn’t attend his inauguration. In fact, Trump called is a “big mistake.” He continued by saying Rep. Lewis should have attended his State of the Union speeches as well.

The truly stunning moment was President Trump diminishing the important contributions Rep. Lewis made to this country. Instead of acknowledging Rep. Lewis’ hard-won victories for African-Americans.

“I did more for the Black community than anybody with the possible exemption of Abraham Lincoln,” President Trump claimed. “Whether you like it or not.”

“You believe that you did more than Lyndon Johnson who passed the Civil Rights Act,” Swan asked in disbelief.

“Yeah because I got prison reform,” Trump shot back. He then continued asking Swan how the Civil Rights Acts has worked out.

He also doubled down on his comments wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested for her role in the Jeffery Epstein child sex ring. When first asked by reporters, President Trump wished her well and acknowledged that he knew her and met her several times when living in Florida. When Swan told him that she had been arrested on charges of child sex trafficking, Trump acted obliviously.

President Trump said he wasn’t sure about that fact almost trying to ignore the facts. Swan pushed back reminding Trump that Maxwell was indeed in prison for child sex trafficking. Ignoring Swan Trump says he wishes her well because of Epstein’s death.

You can watch the full 37-minute interview below.

Get comfy. It’s a wild ride, y’all.

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Young Boy In Los Angeles Turns Entrepreneur To Help Mother During Ongoing Pandemic


Young Boy In Los Angeles Turns Entrepreneur To Help Mother During Ongoing Pandemic

aaronsgarden / Instagram

Covid-19 has forced families to figure out the best way to make enough to take care of things. Some have had to find new jobs after being laid off and having to make up enough to save their families. A young boy in Los Angeles is doing that to help his mom makes ends meet.

Meet Aaron and his garden.

The young boy and his mother were on their last $12 when he had an idea of creating a business. According to a GoFundMe account, the young boy convinced his undocumented mother to start a business selling plants to help them make it through the pandemic.

Aaron’s Garden was the business he and his mom created to make some money.

“Aaron and mom have been struggling from being homeless to shelters and bouncing from house to house and now live in a shed,” reads a GoFundMe account. “He came out with the idea of selling plants and starting a business in his yard to be a provider and buy his own hot Cheetos with cheese without having to ask his mom for money.”

Aaron advertises his plants and when you can buy them on his Instagram.

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Sensitive plant available limited supplies

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The LA entrepreneur is creating a lot of buzz with people celebrating his efforts. People in the U.S. are struggling as the additional $600 in unemployment has disappeared and a second Covid-19 stimulus is stuck in Congress. Aaron’s plant selling is helping his family during one of the most difficult times in modern U.S. history.

Way to go, Aaron.

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We love puppies

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We are all so proud to see you doing your best to make it through this time. Check his Instagram to see what he has and when and where he is selling the plants. Keep going, mijo!

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