There are lots to look forward to after this quarantine period is over. While people across the country continue to follow government recommendations to practice social-distancing and quarantining just about everyone has spent some time imagining what they’ll do next. Whether it’s getting a proper hair cut, throwing a party or going on a date.

Curious about what you guys plan on doing first, we asked what your plans were.

Not surprisingly within a matter of hours comments filled the post. So far 170 people have replied.

Here’s what you said!

Take part in the holy trinity

“Praise GOD but then Mani, Pedi, & Hair” –ibedatnica

Getting back to work.

“Hug my Mami & Papi and then get back to doing banging brows and lashes!💆‍♀️💞 Keep creating!” -christinabeeartistry

Keeping an eye out

“Wait a few more weeks and see what happens to everyone else first😂😂😂. If the coast is clear then I’ll be taking a trip.”sunshinealllday

Getting a propper wax for date night.

“Go hike, go to a sit down restaurant, a bar, dance, Disneyland, see my boyfriend, church, go to the beach, wax, road trip, everything! Lol” –jennydltt

Finally getting that taco date night

“Hit the gym, go to the mountains con mi clica, ir al baile, y chingarme unos tacos on a date.”- aislinn.labra

Visiting older family members

“Love the optimism. Important to understand that this may be the new normal for a long time. I would love to see my grandmother in Mexico who turns 100 this upcoming January. She is planning a party where she will dress up like an adelita with bullets across her chest to celebrate her past.”- pbaltez18

Starbucks and chill… but outside

Get my hair, nails and eyebrows done! Then go to Starbucks get a coffee inside, hit HomeGoods and Ross to finish my day.”- theoneandonlypea

Propper hair cuts

“Im getting a pedicure and haircut 😭 hitting TJ MAXX, the beach, going on dates with my boo, and going to the mall to get some damn Cinnabon”- chunkymonkay

Overloading on hugs

“I’m gonna go see my boy and give him a four-hour hug. Then I’m gonna go hug all of my other friends for another four hours. Then I’m gonna go hug my grandmother for a week.” – dwwriter_1004