TikTok user Anabel Morales sparked a discussion after a video of her asking her husband to choose her over their baby if childbirth complications arise went viral.

The clip ignited a challenging but important debate on what to do in the worst-case scenario happens on the delivery date.

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The video shows Morales on a hospital bed and has 7.9 million views and countless replies. She states she would “not want Ethan,” her oldest son, to “grow up without a mom.” Adding she would not want her husband to raise “two children alone” while grieving her loss. 

Mom asks her husband to pick her over their baby during childbirth— and the internet agrees

More surprising than the video itself is that most parents have sided with the mom. Many parents have commented on why they would want their partners to choose them over their babies. While the degree of ‘pick me’ varies, their message is clear. 

Some partners have said they can have another baby but cannot imagine doing life without their significant others. 

Current moms shared their perspective shift after having a baby to help others realize how hard it would be for their child to grow up without a mother. 

Others said they couldn’t live with themselves making the choice and would leave the decision up to their husbands. 

The TikTok debate raised a question many expecting parents fear most 

Undoubtedly, it is a dark conversation and an even harder decision to make, but things can go wrong during childbirth. In the worst cases, tough choices may need to be made. A conversation prior may help lighten the weight of the decision.

With mortality rates as they are in the United States and worldwide, although the discussion may seem morose, it is important to have.

According to the Commonwealth Fund , in the U.S. there were 17 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births in 2018. Despite being considered a developed country, the U.S. has one of the highest maternal mortality rates, especially among women of color, as reported by the Wilson Center

In this case, Morales and her husband agreed that she would take priority if doctors had to pick between saving the mother or the child’s life.

Moms who have been in Morales’ shoes shared their personal miracle stories and good news to comfort the expecting mother. 

After the viral video, Buzzfeed spoke with Morales, who said, “Because I have a baby now, this is the way I think.” One thing is certain, this raises an important question for expecting parents.