There’s nothing like trying on bathing suits in a fluorescent-lit fitting room to make you feel self-conscious about your body. But for trans women the task of finding swimsuits that make them feel comfortable and beautiful, the task of finding beachwear can be especially hard. Especially because as of today, none of the major swimwear brands cater to them.

We dug around for cute swimwear for transwomen to rock in the summer because we should all feel beautiful in our swim and enjoy the summer waves.

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Outplay describes itself as a company “without gender but a lot of heart.” The swimsuit brand works to go against dictated fashion rules and strive for comfort and the representation of diversity. Their line of swimsuits includes full coverage tops, mid-drift tops, bikinis, shorts, and jammers.

Rebirth Garments

Designed and made by hand by, Sky Cubacub (self-described nonbinary queer and disabled Filipinx human from Chicago, IL) the swimsuits offered from this line are perfect for beachgoers looking to ditch gender norms.


This Amsterdam-based company offers sleek, chest-flattening swimsuits that are made specifically for trans men and also offers clothing for people of different genders. According to the site, they also make ballet slips that contain a special elastane to hide sex as comfortably and effectively as possible.


Colorful and breathable these outfits by Tomboyx have antibacterial cloth and are eco-friendly. They’re apparently not just for swimming either, with wicking material, they can also be also worn while exercising.

Beefcakes Swimwear

These androgynous one-piece swimsuits are marketed as being ethically and sustainably made in USA as well as owned by LGBTQ creators. Their styles are super adorable while also keeping away from gender-conforming aesthetics.