After all that water we need some heat to dry it up! Get ready for some playful energy as we exit Cancer season and enter Leo’s vivacious vibes from July 22nd through August 23rd. As a fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is the representation of an extroverted expression. It’s a guaranteed season of coming out of your shell from Cancer season in which you retreated within. Get ready for a boost of energy and exciting social interaction. 

This Leo season is special thanks to a cosmic rarity known as a Blue Moon. We get to experience two full moon cycles in the sign of Aquarius back-to-back this Leo season. Thus, creating a Blue Moon this summer season. Soon as Leo season begins on July 24th,  we welcome the first full moon in Aquarius out of two. The second Aquarius full moon helps us wrap up Leo season and tread towards Virgo season by August 22nd. 

August 22nd is a lunar cycle to be known as the Sturgeon Full Blue Moon. What is a Blue Moon? Astronomically speaking, it is when we experience a second full moon in one month. Not a common occurrence. Meaning, they don’t happen monthly. Contrary to what one might expect, the moon won’t actually appear any shade of blue. She will shine bright in full traditional luminance. So why the name Blue Moon? In Astrological terms, that is because it falls in the same zodiac sign twice. In this case, it occurs during the Aquarius season, which is known as the sign of spirituality and creating room for major rebirths for us all. This further sparks the Age of Aquarius and amplifies The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius once Jupiter eases its retrograde back into the sign of Aquarius on July 28th.

This is a great season to indulge in your inner actress or comedienne. Leo season invites you to let loose and shine bright. Allow your personality to captivate and mesmerize all you come across. It’s a time of creation and fertility. Begin new hobbies or projects. Welcome new friends or love. Leo season wants you to step into your power and share your gifts.

Read on for your Leo season horoscope based on your sun and/or rising sign. 


Planning a trip? Ready for an excursion? Feeling antsy and ready to roam? Leo season has your mind set on escapism. A change of scenery will do you justice. Take up working remotely from a new environment for some creative spark. You’re going to gain traction in a new idea. Something big is on the horizon and you feel it. Take time to tap into your soul’s call. The messages are all around you. The answer you’ve been waiting for is arriving. Nature will do you good.


You’re busy building an empire. You’re focused on your legacy and you’re adjusting to new shifts in your life. Your career is going great and you’re determined to impress your superiors. You can expect some recognition on the professional front. Your efforts are being rewarded, Taurus. Leo energy might have you tempted to slack off, but the advice is to stay disciplined. Good karma is coming your way.


You’re likely the most optimistic of the zodiac bunch this Leo season. The Gemini Solar Eclipse earlier this year cleaned out your closet of stagnant energy and now you’re back to life! You’re planning for the future and ready to map out your vision board for 2022. Implement some goals for the rest of 2021 and harness this Leo energy to place passion into action. You’re going to be a bag full of ideas and with a plethora of insights. You’ll be inspiring others around you without even knowing it.   


Leo season isn’t all play for you, Cancer. You’re being asked to seriously tend to old karmic cycles and close them out. The two Aquarius full moons are going to encourage you to seek your truth. Breakthrough limiting beliefs holding you back. You can rewrite your story at any age and any given time. Leo is the energy of creation. You are the creator of your reality. Cancer season encouraged you to enjoy some well-deserved rest. Now you’ve gained insight and you’re ready to make moves. Go on, Cancer! We’re cheering you on. 


Go, Leo! It’s your birthday! Feeling good and looking fly. Stepping out and vibing high! Don’t let anyone diminish your light or bring down your shine. Leo, all eyes are on you this season and quite frankly, you’re loving it. Would we expect anything less from our fierce fire babes? Nope. This birthday season you might find yourself a bit disappointed that friends or those around you aren’t necessarily going out of their way to celebrate you. Travesty! Betrayal! How could they?! Don’t worry Leo, you’re taking matters into your own hands and making sure you organize the sparkly chaos. Advice is to be sure you think things through as Mars in Leo is creating impulsive urges for you. Spiritual endurance is required. 


Virgo this year has been one of building a financially savvy repertoire. Your portfolio of accruing money worth and healing money wounds is amounting to an impressive load of recognition. Leo season is asking you to indulge a little and let loose. Have some fun and spend a little dinero on the things that make you say, “¡yo quiero!” If we hoard, how can we circulate? Abundance is infinite. You are abundant. You are an infinite ray of wealth. 


Dirty little secrets can be fun, Libra. You’re all for the chisme and all for the thrills. Be mindful you’re not getting caught up in miscommunication issues this Leo season. Some heated dialogue can be easily avoided by bringing your Air qualities of fair judgement into the equation. You’re admired for your ability to provide great guidance. Take some of your own advice this time around. May we do as we say and practice what we preach. Accountability will gain you respect.  


It’s baby-making season, Scorpio. Leo’s fiery zest for sex and Mars in Leo creates for an amplified libido. Y’all Scorpios are associated with sex and known for being some of the best sensual partners around. You might gain some new admirers this season. Have fun! Explore your inner empress freely. Sex magic might be a new occult subject of intrigue for you. Allow yourself to explore the world of the occult, Scorpio. Afterall, you are the magician of the zodiac.


Sag, you’re loving this fire energy that Leo brings. Cancer season might have had you down in the dumps. This is a time of regeneration for you. You’ve done a lot of introspection all of 2021. It seems like you’re ready to emerge from your burrows of isolation. You’ve been busy and many have taken notice. You’re missed! Expect invites and messages from friends and colleagues asking you to make your rare presence at events. Go out and mingle. This will get your creative juices flowing again. 


You’re feeling like the true humanitarian you are, Cap. You are feeling inspired to interact with your community. It’s time to give back and be of service. You might lend your time for an important cause and become seriously invested in helping others this Leo season. Simple acts of kindness go a long way. You never know who’s day you might make. 


This is a big season for you! Two full moons in your sign, Aqua. Talk about major closures and transitions. There’s an emphasis on wrapping up old relationships and partnerships that no longer serve you. This is a season of doing things for you! You’re a gracious and giving individual, but this is a time of making sure your needs are being met. There’s a difference between being selfish and finding self-fulfillment. Creating new boundaries is key. Others may not like it, but this is for your highest good. 


There could be a huge secret or revelation made known to you this Leo season. You’re going to stumble across some important information that can be used for creation or destruction. The decision is up to you. Aside from that ominous undertaking, this is a great time in business and career for you. Huge investments should be tabled. Financial gains will serve you better during Virgo season. Keep at it, your hard work is paying off.