There’s nothing better than finding the perfect fragrance for yourself–it’s almost like finding your soulmate. We all know the feeling of inhaling a new perfume that takes your breath away. It can remind you of a place, a memory, or sometimes just a feeling that you can’t put into words.

Sure, quarantine has forced many of us into our homes for God knows how long, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on treating ourselves. A good scent can lift your mood and raise your spirits–something all of us could use a little more of right now. Here are some of the key fragrances that have struck a chord with us here over at mitú. 

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Maison Margiela – ‘REPLICA’ Bubble Bath

I love this scent because it reminds me of sinking into a hot bubble bath after a long day. After such a stressful year, the way I choose to unwind is by taking a nice long soak in my tub. Sometimes I throw in some essential oils and epsom salts. ‘REPLICA’ smells exactly like self-care: calming and relaxing. – Andrea P.

Jo Malone London – Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

Whenever I wear this scent I feel sexy and confident. Yes, I’m single (and my abuelita never lets me forget it), but when I spray on a few spritzes of Peony & Blush Suede, it’s like I’m giving myself a bouquet of flowers. No novio needed. – Yeni P.

Atelier Cologne – Lemon Island Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

Lemon Island is one of my favorite scents ever. Something about it reminds me of the ocean. Smelling this transports me straight to my memories of spending my summers in PR with my mom’s family when I would practically live at the beach. – Alex C.

TOM FORD – Ombré Leather

Honestly, I’ve always struggled with traditional “feminine” perfumes because their scents are so sweet and girly–not really my thing. But Ombré Leather has this musky, dark smell that is totally gender neutral. I feel like myself when I’m wearing it. – Monica A.

Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium Eau de Parfum

This scent is the perfect blend of coffee and vanilla. It brings me back to my abuela’s kitchen in Miami where she would always make cortadito for the adults. I was always too young to drink any, but I loved the smell. I also love how it lasts so long! – Cristal M.

Marc Jacobs – Perfect Eau de Parfum

This scent is the perfect mix of sweetness and lightness. Honestly, it smells good enough to eat. It reminds me of the empanadas de fruta that my mom would buy for me and my sister when we were kids. It’s super fruity and sweet without being overpowering. – Tati R.

Gucci – Bloom Eau de Parfum For Her

I’ve always gravitated towards floral scents so naturally, “Bloom” is right up my alley. The smell of jasmine and tuberose makes me feel like I’m walking through a garden. I also love how the rollerball is so portable and travel-friendly. – Steph R.

Viktor&Rolf – Flowerbomb

This perfume smells so good. I’m a huge fan of jasmine scents and this one has hints of both jasmine and vanilla. Even my boyfriend commented on it. He said it was fresh without being too overpowering. –Isabella P.

 Valentino – Donna Born In Roma Eau de Parfum

This perfume is floral and lightweight and still manages to be warm. It’s the perfect scent to pair with a cozy sweater. The hints of bourbon vanilla make me feel powerful as soon as I put it on. I can’t wait to wear it to the office. – Jessica R.

Armani – My Way Eau de Parfum

As soon as I put on this fragrance, I felt like a queen. It has such an expensive, luxurious smell that I give off boss-lady energy whenever I walk into a room. I also love how its ingredients are consciously sourced–that’s a huge win in my book. – Ashley C.

Versace – Bright Crystal

This is one of my favorite perfumes. I love the blend of musk and citrus–I haven’t smelled anything like it. The scent gives me major spring and summer vibes. It’s super light and refreshing that I could see myself wearing it with a sundress at the beach or on a picnic. – Starr M.

Just like these Latinas told us above, the right perfume is a personal expression of who you are–your personality, your past, and yes, your culture. Find the above fragrances in Sephora stores or online at Now is the time to treat yourself first. You deserve it.