Sex education in the United States is failing young people. 

Only 13 states in the country require sex education to be medically accurate. As a result, countless teens are receiving information about their bodies, sexuality and relationships that are not based on research but instead on conservative and religious ideologies rooted in sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Research has shown that non-comprehensive sex education that only promotes abstinence and stigmatizes teenage sexuality doesn’t stop youth from engaging in sex but does put them at higher risk of STIs, unwanted pregnancies and abusive relationships. 

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Understanding the crisis of sex education, which of course isn’t exclusive to the US, sex educators, coaches and counselors are using social media to provide individuals of all ages with shame-free, inclusive and comprehensive facts-based information. Across the Americas, here are some of the Latina and Latinx sex educators that can help inform.

Dirty South Sex Ed

@sexedwithirma / Instagram

Austin, Texas-based certified sex educator Irma Garcia uses her platform Dirty South Sex Ed to provide research-backed information about sexual health to communities of color. Geared toward people in the South, where students are less likely to receive medically accurate information about sex – if sex ed is mandated at all – the Dominican-Mexican Garcia regularly shares queer-affirming lessons on sexual wellness, reproductive rights and pleasure. 

Verbo y Piel

@verboypiel / Instagram

Verbo y Piel is a Puerto Rico-based sexuality, eroticism and empowerment project. For Ana Castillo Muñoz, the sex coach behind Verbo y Piel, the goal is to help followers break taboos around sexuality and give them the tools to enhance their sexual life, improve their self-esteem and work through traumas with compassion. The platform does this through digital and face-to-face lessons, workshops, circles, games and even speed dating events that educate on anatomy, bodily autonomy, self-love and pleasure.

Sex Ed Files

@sexedfiles / Instagram

The Sex Ed Files is an Instagram-based anonymous Q&A platform where young people can ask questions and receive medically-accurate information from Mariah, a Latinx sex educator. Queer-affirming and trauma-informed, Mariah has tackled topics like STIs, body love, consent, gender-based violence, health care, pleasure and more. 

Che Che Luna

@che.che.luna / Instagram

Che Che Luna is an Oregon-based nonbinary Latinx holistic sex and pleasure educator. Queer-and-kink-affirming, they use social media to educate on self-pleasure, advocate for sex workers and help people find sexual liberation. To do this, they host inpleasure workshops, pleasure-centered sensual dance classes that promote healing, sensual embodiment and self-intimacy.

Sex and Empathy

@sexandempathy / Instagram

Through Sex and Empathy, sexuality and public health professional Rosa advocates and educates on intimacy literacy to help people learn about their bodies and flourish in interpersonal relationships. Much of her instruction, whether on social media or in various publications, explore wellness, pleasure, touch and communication.

The Modern Mujer

@the.modern.mujer / Instagram

The Modern Mujer is a blog and social media platform educating people on reproductive and sexual health. Created by Erica Montes, M.D., the Texas-based, Mexican-American Obstetrician-Gynecologist provides empowering information on health and medicine. She covers everything from STIs and contraception to womb health.  

Sexual Discussions

@sexualdiscussions / Instagram

Sexual Discussions is sex ed for visual learners. Founded by Canada-based Peruvian illustrator and women’s and gender studies student Fernanda Arana Dupont, the platform uses art to provide accurate, research-based information and spark inclusive, respectful and shame-free conversations around sex. In addition to educating followers on topics like the male and female reproductive systems or the differences between gender and sex, Sexual Discussions also offers casual and practical advice. Here, you can find tips like, “Things You Should Never Say to Someone with HIV” or “Ways to Get Rid of/Hide Hickeys.”

Paulyna Ardilla

@paulyna_ardilla / Instagram

In Mexico City, graphic designer Paulyna Ardilla also uses art to break down sex ed topics. Her gorgeous illustrations of vulvas, sex toys and full-figured women are often accompanied by Spanish-language teachings on topics like the importance of lube, having sex while menstruating, unlearning BS ideas around virginity or how to use certain pleasure toys. Additionally, much of her art promotes femme sexual pleasure, encouraging women to break free from shame or stigma tied to sexuality and enjoy their bodies.

LatiNegra Sexologist

@latinegrasexologist / Instagram

Bianca I Laureano is an award-winning educator and sexologist based in Oakland, Calif. The Puerto Rican sexpert has centered her career on creating a comprehensive, medically accurate and intersectional curriculum for young people, including writing the sexual and reproductive justice discussion guide for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She founded the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN) and hosts She has written and talked about self-pleasure, abortion, kink and fat sex, among many other topics.

Gime con Jime

@gimeconjime / Instagram

Based in Lima, Peru, sex coach and couples therapist Jimena Peralta provides Spanish-language sex education on Instagram and Facebook through Gime con Jime. Combining sexual wellness and mental health, Peralta covers everything from vulva health, to improving sexual communication with partners, to discovering what you like and don’t like. In addition to breaking down sex education through graphics, she hosts workshops and provides counseling.