Screenshots via TikTok

Like many TikTok users, you may have been introduced to Kat Stickler via her account with her husband, Mike Stickler. But after the popular influencer couple separated in early 2020, Kat became an internet sensation in her own right. Not only does she post captivating TikTok trends and lip sync videos, but she does so with tons of humor and relatability.

One of her ongoing comedy bits that has fans coming back for more is her impersonation of her Hispanic mother. Through hilarious imitations and near-universal tropes, Kat has tapped into the experiences of literally millions of Latinx TikTok users. From keeping tons of pans in the oven to being a slave to chisme, Kat Stickler nails her impression of her Hispanic mother — and millions of other Hispanic moms as well. Take a peek at some of our favorite “Acting Like My Hispanic Mother” TikTok videos below.

1. The technologically challenged mamá.

From the loud voice to calling an iPad an “Air Pad,” Kat has us cracking up with her impression of a distracted mom who needs help with her new gadgets… ahora mismo.

2. The mamá who is over-invested in your romantic life.

A girl can’t go on a date without her madre having to know every detail (and giving you unsolicited opinions about your outfit). And, remember, whatever you do, please don’t get pregnant.

3. The mamá who won’t throw out ANY plastic container.

If Hispanic moms were in charge of every government in the world, climate change would be solved by now. They’re that good at recycling.

4. The mamá who washes the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

“There’s clean and then there’s clean clean. You really think a machine is going to clean like your mother? Impossible.” It’s like Kat grew up in the house with us.

5. The mamá a little too invested in Jen and Ben.

Our mamás pretend not to care about celebrity gossip… but they’ll be the first ones to give you their opinion on the latest chisme.

6. The mamá who keeps literally all the pots and pans in the oven.

This has happened a million times and we still forget. When will we learn?

7. The mamá who scares a little too easily.

We’ve all spooked our madres once or twice and have been told we actually attempted murder on them. That’s not going to stop us from continuing to sneak up on them, though.

8. The mamá who believes in folk remedies over modern medicine.

But don’t argue with her about it — mother knows best. And don’t get us started about Vick’s Vapo Rub…

9. The mamá who isn’t impressed with your eating habits.


She makes valid points

♬ original sound – Kat

“The cupcake doesn’t have sugar, honey! I got it from Publix…”

10. The mamá who will fight through any sickness in order to keep a clean house.

There are no such thing as sick days to a Hispanic mother!

11. The mamá who is praying for your eternal soul.


Her glass isn’t half full…it’s FULL

♬ original sound – Kat

There’s nothing that some good old-fashioned holy water won’t fix. Even if it comes in a Ziploc bag.