Last week, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion blessed our world with something new to listen to when they dropped the breakout hit “WAP.” Since its launch, the song has taken over the internet spurring memes, all types of creative covers, and some pretty amazing recreations of the looks featured in the video.

In fact, lovers of the “WAP” music video have gotten to work recreating the top iconic fashion and beauty moments from the video on Twitter.

The new “WAP” recreation trend can be traced back to user @kihmberlie who did her own version of Cardi’s cheetah look from the video.

“Cardi’s WAP look on a budget,” she captioned an image of herself posted to Twitter. The tweet swept up over 100K likes and even made it into Cardi’s feed. Recently the rapper retweeted the image commenting, “F*CKIN FIRE.”

“These hair rings were so heavy, I had to hold them the entire shoot,” kihmberlie explained. “Took apart & spray painted this chair and wrapped and hot glued some fabric to the seat, folded curtains in half 3 times to make the gold trim for the room and covered the black space with my leopard print fabric.”

@kihmberlie isn’t the only one to recreate the look, YouTube creator Arnell Armon flawlessly paid tribute to Cardi’s neon green look from the music video.

And in response to the images, Cardi Be commented, “It [looks] like you took it right of my head !!! It looks super perfect!!!”

Arnell’s co-collaborator Alfred Lewis III also contributed to the look doing a special take on Megan Thee Stallion’s neon purple feature.

They’re not the only ones posting fab “WAP looks.

WAP is even inspiring nail looks.

Like LOOK at these.

Such *lewks* and I want more of them!