Even though we’re a few weeks from Christmas, now is the perfect time to start shopping for those close to you — or for yourself. We’ve crafted together the perfect holiday gift guide for home decor lovers. From wall art to candles and office decor, there’s something in this list for the bohemian, the minimalist, the traditionalist, among many others.

We know it’s often easier to order from corporate companies with fast delivery, but this holiday season, no matter who you’re shopping for, consider buying these Latinx-inspired items from Latinx-owned businesses. 

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Here are 9 affordable home decor gifts to ask for this holiday season.

Raya Tie Back

The Raya Tie Back from Shop Jitana is ideal for those who have a perpetual summer in their hearts… and want to keep a bit of it at home, too. Decorated in tortoise shells for an authentic coastal feel, this curtain tieback can be used to tie curtains together, hang on door knobs or as decor to ornate your coffee table. Denise Hernandez, the shop owner, gets her inspiration from worldwide travels and is constantly looking for unique trinkets to add to her collection. Shop here.

Smokey Tall Glasses

This glass set is perfect for the host or hostess who is always having guests over. The set of four is vintage, in good condition, and has a weighted bottom. The company, Mandana Blvd, was founded by Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh after they moved cross country from Brooklyn, NY to San Fransisco, CA. They found it challenging to furnish a new place with the expenses that come with a booming tech city, so they opted for the untraditional approach – rummaging through flea markets, estate sales, and Craigslist… and thus, Mandana Blvd was born. Shop here

Bote Woven Storage Basket

This handmade basket is perfect for storing extra blankets or using as a laundry basket. The best part about it is it’s produced by Nipomo, a California-based company run by a mother and daughter duo who collaborate with artisans from their home country of Mexico. The two take pride in producing products that highlight their Mexican and Californian roots. Shop here.

Peruvian Wall Mirror 

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As is told on the Luna Sundara website, this wall mirror was inspired by the sun that warms Peru’s Cuzco Valley. It was hand-carved by artisans using centuries-old techniques that have previously been used in the creation of religious sculptures. Luna Sundara’s mission is to support local artists and crafters in Latin American by collaborating with the artists and selling their works on their website. Shop here

Palo Santo Holder

This Palo Santo holder for incense is handmade by master artisan, Luis Sandoval with art and pottery inspired from Chulucanas, Peru. When you purchase this unique piece, five sticks of Palo Santo incense are included. Shop here.

Vessel Marble Vase

Courtesy of LA Original

If you know a minimalist or have a plant parent to shop for, this handcrafted, water-sealed vase should be on your radar. This beautiful design is the work of Krizia Flores, founder of Concrete Geometric. Flores centers her work on her love of minimalism and geometric shapes. Shop here

Santa/Saint Candles

This limited edition candle is scented by amber, sandalwood, and cardamon. Vela Negra is an Afro-Latina owned company helmed by Aisha Cort, who makes the candles from black beeswax to help absorb negative energy, making room for the light at home. Not only will these bring the vibras buenas to your casita, but they’ll also add an air of elegance to any room. Shop here.

Spiced Yellow Donkey Pillow

Courtesy of Artelexia

We all know that one person who is bold enough to have tons of color and prints at home — this pillow is for that person. Artelexia, founded by Elexia de la Parra, aims to share the rich culture of Mexico with everyone through her products. Her shop specializes in gifts, home decor and gourmet foods. Shop here

Wood Milagro Heart

Courtesy of Artelexia

Who doesn’t love un milagrito? Add these handmade wooden heart milagros to any bare wall at home. These wooden heart milagros have a hanging loop on the back for easy hanging on any wall. They are hand-painted with milagro charms that have been laid out and hammered into the wood. Shop here