If you’re a mystical mami looking for some ink inspo, we got you covered. From tiny crystal balls and Amethyst to sage and potions, these bruja-inspired tats will always remind you of the intuitive goddess you are.

Whether you’re a spell-casting badass, a tarot reader or simply a spiritual boss, these are the perfect designs to adorn your skin with magia.

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1. This brujita soldadera, though.

2. We only see beauty in this witch’s hands.

3. Explore your vision.

4. It’s in the cards.

5. Instill a sober mind with Amethyst.

6. Gaze into the crystal ball.

7. Femme brujita aesthetics.

8. Cleanse the air of impurities.

9. Heartbreak is inevitable, but you will heal.

10. Eye of Horus

11. Sage and Amethyst, what a lovely combination.

12. Magia is beautiful.

13. Good ol’ Liquid Luck

14. Amantes

15. Grow every single day.

16. Bruja de nopales

17. Complexities of the heart.

18. Light your velas.

19. That tarot is sacred.

20. Cleanse your aura and clear your space .

21. Look into your future and see choice.

22. Floral witch.

23. Charmed for life.

24. Last quarter.

25. Peace and balance is ahead of you.

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