If you’re like me, you might have a hard time figuring out what to give friends and family this holiday season. Luckily, astrology is here to help. If we look to our horoscopes for advice for just about anything — from our daily lives to our relationships, why not trust them with our gifting choices, too?

Below is a list of the 12 gifts for every zodiac sign this holiday season all made by Latinx-owned businesses. These gifts will fill your loved ones with “mucho, mucho amor” as the iconic, late Walter Mercado used to say.


Aries are known for their zest for adventure, as well as for being the fearless, strong leaders everyone looks to. They like a good time just as much as they like a competition, which is why you can’t go wrong with a Tragos game that checks all the boxes. Dubbed the party game for Latinos, Tragos is available in both Spanish and English. This game, which is for all ages and nationalities, will have you laughing, dancing and singing.


Taurus appreciates the finer things in life. They like unconventional gifts that have a pleasing aesthetic — after all, they are the ultimate aesthetes of the zodiac. These pots from Concrete Geometric are inspired by the nature of Los Angeles and its industrial surroundings. They’re minimalist and simple but are sure to add a beautiful sense of luxury to a space, something Taurus will value more than anyone.


The quick-witted gemini can often jump from one preference to the next, so shopping for the perfect gift for them isn’t always the easiest. But they do love their intellectual side, so buying them a brainy book or an enlightening documentary might especially excite them. “The Undocumented Americans” by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio sheds light on the experiences of undocumented immigrants in the United States and gives their powerful stories a voice.


Cancers love their self-care and snuggling up in a cozy bed. They are all about being warm and being inside their shell (at home) getting some rest. A “Duermete Guey” or a “Colita de Rana” candle, or soy wax melt from Velitas, an Arizona-based candle company, is the perfect addition to their home — and they will love you for it.


Everyone knows Leos are all about having #maincharacterenergy (cue: JLo). So it makes sense that bling would be top-of-mind when gifting these fierce lions who are always full of personality. These jewelry pieces from JZD, a Queer, Latina-owned business, are sure to give Leo’s a statement piece that will help them stand out wherever they go — not that these sun natives need any help!


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Virgos are always at work, whether in the physical world or in their minds. They are the first to wake up and have the cafecito con pan ready for the day. Coffee Del Mundo, an Afro, Latinx-owned coffee company based in South Los Angeles, sells coffee from all over Latin America. Your taste buds will go on an international journey from Los Angeles through Central America and all the way down to Colombia.


As a fellow Libra myself, I must say we love the beautiful things in life. Libras like gifts that will make them laugh or give them that much-desired sparkle. These cups from Franca are sure to bring style to your kitchen and become beloved statement pieces especially when guests come over.


Scorpios are passionate, mysterious and deep. Just as they like something that appeals to their sexy side, they can also like something warm and nurturing if they’re in the right mood — scorpio is still a water sign after all. This pillow from Torōs Los Angeles is designed to celebrate Mexican roots and heritage, with colors as vibrant as a scorpio’s energy.


It’s no surprise a Sagittarius loves traveling the world, and speaking their minds. And what better gift for your Sagittarius bestie than a “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” Hija De Tu Madre 2022 planner so they can arrange their travels in the upcoming year — because we all know they already have at least three trips lined up.


Not all Capricorns are your typical creidos, but they do like to flex. They enjoy things that are classy and luxurious, with a touch of simplicity. This is why Coco and Breezy’s eyewear line is the perfect fit. Capricorns will be able to keep up appearances while remaining stylish in their shades.


These artsy, forward thinkers tend to be socially conscious. They have good taste and are willing to give back to support a cause, because they care about humanity most of all. This Kids of Immigrants x Youth to the People Protect The Planet Refillable Minis Kit includes vegan skincare products that are made of 65% recycled plastic bottles and 35% organic cotton. The two brands that collaborate to make this kit honor both our planet and our Latinx communities through their mission.


Alas! The dreamy, enchanting pisces. They are compassionate, emotional thinkers who care a whole lot about everyone, which means they can be easily exhausted. In order to ease the tension of their day-to-day stress, these concha and abuelita bath bombs from Loquita Bath and Body will help them relax with some decadent, familiar scents.