During the holidays, there’s nothing like staying indoors and sipping on some hot chocolate or ponche navideño. And for that special bookworm in your life, sweater weather is the ideal season.

Given that almost every book lover has a to-be-read list miles long, it might be difficult to shop for a book that they don’t already have on their shelf. Still, bookworms appreciate all kinds of gifts related to their favorite pastime, like bookmarks, stickers, mugs, and of course, blankets and anything cozy is high up there on the list. And speaking of lists, we compiled a list of 11 gift ideas for that bookworm in your life who just can’t get enough quiet time — thank us later.

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A monthly subscription for your jefa bestie.

For that feminist jefa in your life, look no further than Cafe Con Libros’ Feminist & Bookish monthly subscription box. This Afro-Latinx-owned, feminist bookstore offers a range of products inside a customizable subscription box. Opt for a book of the month read, a women of color book club pick, or romance and young adult books. Plus, you have the option to receive coffee grounds in your box as well, and a few other perks. Browse subscription options here.

Revel in romance on Nochebuena with this unique anthology, “Amor Actually: A Holiday Romance Anthology.” 

Everyone remembers the 2003 holiday film “Love Actually,” where the movie walks through nine stories of characters finding their happily ever after. Well, seven Latina authors have teamed up to put their own spin on the classic holiday film. The setting of “Amor Actually,” which will be released on December 7, takes place on Nochebuena in New York City and delivers nine romantic happily ever afters. The anthology is the brainchild of seven acclaimed authors: Zoey Castile (Zoraida Córdova), Alexis Daria, Adriana Herrera, Diana Muñoz Stewart, Priscilla Oliveras, Sabrina Sol and Mia Sosa. For just $4.99, you can pre-order the e-book here.

For the bookworm who appreciates a blind date… especially if it’s a solo one.

Little Libreria’s Blind Date Book Box is perfect for any bookworm that loves a good plot twist. This book box takes the concept of a blind date (having no clue what your date looks like) and applies it to books. When you order from this Latina-owned Etsy shop, all you have to do is select your desired genre and accessories — because, yes, this book box also comes with your choice of booze and wine glass or a mug with Abuelita’s instant hot chocolate pack. For just $39, this sounds like a perfect solo date night. Buy it here.

Hit a home run with “Holiday Home Run,” an rom-com by Priscilla Oliveras. 

If your book-loving friend enjoys a sports-themed rom-com, look no further than Priscilla Oliveras’ “Holiday Home Run.” The holiday romance book follows an event planner (the heroine) and an ex-Major League Baseball player (the hero) who happens to volunteer to set up a big holiday fundraiser alongside the heroine. The heroine wants to deliver the best fundraiser yet, but let’s see if the hero doesn’t derail her plans. This book is a grand slam, and it’s sold for just $2.99 on Amazon’s Kindle feature.

For the reader who always needs a warm cup of coffee — which is a whole lot of them.

Spending the night cuddled up with a good book is always accompanied by a drink of some sort, so consider this mug featuring famous and notable Latinx books. The mug pays tribute to classic reads like “In the Time of Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez to recently published works like “I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” by Erika L. Sánchez. The books featured on the mug were handpicked by bibliophile Lupita Aquino and illustrated by Jane Mount, founder of Ideal Bookshelf. Buy here for $18.

Spend the snow day in with Adriana Herrera’s forbidden romance “Just for the Holidays.” 

The one-bed trope might be cliché, but any fan of romance knows that we have tropes to thank for happy endings. In Adriana Herrera’s new holiday romance, casting director Perla Sambrano is snowed in with Gael Montez, the leading actor in her new project. Will the two keep things professional or will they do something that puts them on Santa’s naughty list? For just $3.99, this book sounds like the perfect way to spend the day.

Encourage young readers with a monthly delivery of books from Booklandia’s Children Subscription Box.

Whether that special bookworm in your life is in middle school or high school, Booklandia has a range of book subscription boxes that mail right to your doorstep. You can customize your box to carry either English or Spanish books ranging from $18.95 to $110.95. Booklandia is based in Oakland, California, and was founded in 2016 by Maceo Cabrera Estevez with the hopes of providing a place that shares quality books from Latinx creators and storytellers. Subscribe here.

A throw blanket the cozy reader can get lost in.

Make sure your book-loving friend is nice and cozy while they read their book with an artisan-crafted blanket from Petra de Luna. This Chicana-owned shop’s goal is to represent the strength, kindness, and love that the Mexican culture evokes through artisan craft. Blankets start at $75. Buy it here.

 A plant bookmark for the planta-holic amigo.

Can you take a wild guess at what the biggest annoyance for readers is?! That’s right, losing track of where they left off. These adorable bookmarks by AudiandMigue’s Etsy shop are illustrated by shop owner, Audelia and are just the perfect add-on to a bookworm gift set. Buy it here for $3.50. 

For the reader who loves a good classic.

If you’re still having trouble picking a stocking stuffer, a bookmark with a Gabriel García Márquez quote is a solid way to go. Márquez is widely known and adored within the Latinx and literature communities, famously known for his 1967 book “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and 1985’s “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Buy the bookmark here for $2.48.  

Stickers for the Latina achiever. 

This book-themed sticker is great for the poderosa bookworm in your life. This design is illustrated by a Latina-run Etsy shop, Leoncita Shop, based out of Los Angeles. Buy here for $3.50.