As of late, TikTok is the definitive social media platform to break songs, whether we’re talking about “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo or “Buss It” by Erica Banks. Hits are catapulted by accompanying dances, and users are quick to get in on trends within hours of them being created in the first place.

Well, there’s a new sound in town that’s driving the creation of video after video — and you likely haven’t even thought about its origins. The “umm… yeah” sound on TikTok is blowing up, usually introduced by some kind of question.

For example, one TikTok user who is a nurse posted a video posing the question, “can you come in on your day off? The over time is $155/hr.” He let the “umm… yeah” sound do all the talking. Another TikToker used the sound to poke fun at the importance of grated parmesan on pasta, and we can’t stop cracking up.

So where did this sound come from in the first place?

Surprisingly enough, the “umm… yeah” TikTok sound might have been technically created by user @safetyncts, but the true source is from the Colombian queen Kali Uchis herself.

The TikTok user took to the platform to share a clip of Kali Uchis saying “umm… yeah” in a concert, captioning it, “this sound has sm potential ik it ! #kaliuchis.” The 27-year-old star is seen with red retro curls, a pink furry sweater and pink pants, singing the words in a way that can only be described as major ASMR vibes. Thankfully, we immediately recognized where the clip itself came from: TikTok’s very own New Year’s Eve live stream concert. 


this sound has sm potential ik it ! #kaliuchis

♬ umm.. yeah – andrew

Back on New Year’s Eve, TikTok hosted a concert that featured musicians Charlie Puth, Rico Nasty and Kali Uchis on the lineup, making “custom” apartment-like spaces for each of the artists to showcase their craft.

Uchis dazzled with a serene, soothing performance set up in a blue-tinged room with palm trees that could only be described as absolutely groovy. One fan posted the performance on YouTube, and thousands of listeners are keeping it on repeat. One user commented, “Ok but her voice and breath control I’m screaming it’s amazing,” while another posted, “This is such a beautiful and calming [performance] just makes me want to get obsessed over here again.”

That being said, Uchis’ greater message before the notorious “umm… yeah” might surprise you.

The “umm… yeah” sound that Uchis makes during her TikTok-exclusive performance was actually part of a much greater speech that related to the difficulties many of us faced during 2021, yet still remaining hopeful for 2022. After finishing up her song “Loner,” she said, “the year went by really fast… I think we all went through a lot and overcame a lot… so let’s try to be nicer to each other, let’s try to be kinder to each other ‘cause one thing I think that collectively we saw is that you really never know what people are going through.”

The “Telepatía” singer continued, “let’s try not to judge each other because we might be judging someone who’s overcoming something you would never imagine.” She stated, “we have to give each other space to be better and to do better… and maybe stop putting each other on a pedestal, just let each other be human and grow.”

When it came to ringing in the new year, the soulful singer also wished the very best for everyone: “hopefully 2022 will just be a great year for everybody, and everybody can win in their own way and be blessed financially.” She said, “I hope everyone that watches this is blessed with health, abundance, wealth, and all your families, too.”

She closed off her speech with, “I just wanted to maybe say a little word about next year… umm… yeah,” making it the “happiest accident” of 2022 thus far.