LA indie rock band The Red Pears released their highly anticipated third studio album ‘You Thought We Left Because The Door Was Open But We Were Waiting Outside‘ on October 15th. Members Henry Vargas, Jose Corona and Patrick Juarez draw inspiration for their sound from the early 2000s New York indie rock scene and grunge, and fuse it with the cumbia and corridos that they grew up with in El Monte, California. From playing in their garage to backyard parties and going on tour in the fall, the band talked to us exclusively at crema by mitú about representing Latinx talent in the indie music scene, inspiration behind their album and more. Check it out below.

What was the inspiration behind the album? 

“I’d say our experiences, and just wanting to be better musicians, you know? We want to do our best. We want to create what we want, and we want to create better than before. We just want to keep going. We always put a piece of ourselves in our music. “

From their press release, Henry Vargas shared: “The inspiration behind the album for me is life & time. So many things can happen in such little time, that being able to stop and reminisce on where the time goes is a similar experience we all go through. These songs carry a vibe of nostalgia like they’ve been heard before, but you haven’t. It’s like the familiarity that stems from deja-vu like dreams, moments that feel like memories until you realize what you’re hearing and experiencing is all new.”

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What do you hope your fans and listeners get from your third studio album?

“Just more of us. We’re still evolving, we’re still changing, but also staying true to ourselves. We wouldn’t want to be something we’re not, or give people something we’re not. “

Henry Vargas: “Crazy that it took 5 days to record the album. Was definitely a new and fun experience recording this at Sonic Ranch and trying out different methods in the studio.”

Jose Corona: “I feel proud of us and the music. It took a while for the album to be fully completed, and be released. It was a new process for us. It feels good to work hard on something and feel proud of something, and then release it out into the world.”

Patrick:  “It was a new experience for me having to learn new songs that we’ve never played before as we were recording them. Usually Jose & Henry record the songs together, but they asked me to join them for this album.”

What does it mean for you to represent Latinx talent in the Indie market?

“It’s an honor to represent the LatinX community in the indie market, because when we first started the band, we didn’t really have a community like this and that thought never crossed our mind. We never questioned the color of our skin, all we cared about was music. But the more we played and the older we got, we realized how important it is to also represent who we are and where we are from while caring about the art. Especially because the majority of the bands in the indie/alternative rock scene aren’t really LatinX, or at least not the ones we look up to, and it feels surreal knowing that we have inspired people just because of our similar upbringings. But in all honesty, if we had a community like this growing up, I’m sure we’d be inspired by those artists as well! Artists that we can identify with.”

From garage rock band to touring with Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing in November. Where do you see The Red Pears in the next 5 years? 

“I’d say we have high expectations and high standards for ourselves. We’ve had this big vision of playing different countries, and all of these different places around the world. Because we would see the bands and artists that we look up to do that. All those crazy festivals, all that traveling. I’d say that’s the vision and aspiration that we have, as crazy as that might sound. You just have to believe that you’ll find a way to make it happen. And the more time that’s passed, and the more we’ve been doing this, we’ve just been getting closer and closer to that realization. So hopefully in 5 years, we’ll be even closer to those goals.”

Listen to You Thought We Left Because The Door Was Open But We Were Waiting Outside below.

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