The biggest names in Latin music can be found on Spotify’s Viva Latino playlist.

Today, the streaming platform has released a campaign for the month of November called “Elevando Nuestra Música,” which features stories by some of today’s biggest stars, like Colombian singer Karol G, Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers and Venezuelan sibling duo, Mau y Ricky. Viva Latino is the platform’s flagship Latin music playlist with over 11.3 million followers, making it the third most followed playlist globally on Spotify.

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Viva Latino caters to Latin music fans who, statistically, consume more new music than non-Latin fans.

Viva Latino was created in 2014 around the requests of Latin music fans who, based on Spotify data, discover 46% more music than regular listeners. Since then, Latin music consumption has grown by 1680% on the platform, and will only continue to rise, according to a Spotify press release.

The playlist features artists from varying geographic and music backgrounds, as well as a blend of established and new artists, keeping a pulse on which tracks are hot today and which will be tomorrow’s hits. Popular songs on Viva Latino, like Bad Bunny’s “Yonaguni” and Farruko’s “Pepas,” have the potential to end up on the Global Top 100 and Global Top 50 charts.

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For “Elevando Nuestra Música” Karol G, Myke Towers and Mau y Ricky share words of encouragement for emerging artists.

What’s it like to enter the world of Viva Latino? Let Karol G, Myke Towers and Mau y Ricky lead the way. The superstars are featured in a campaign film where they “crash” situations in which Latin music listeners are just going about their day listening to the playlist. From working, cooking, doing house chores or going out, Viva Latino is the playlist for any occasion.

Besides the campaign film, the artists also share their stories about the current state of nuestra música via vignettes posted on the Viva Latino social handles. For example, Karol G offers words of encouragement to women launching their music careers; Myke Towers speaks to the power of culture and storytelling; Mau y Ricky delve into different genres within the Latin music sphere, and acknowledge that there are no boundaries when it comes to creating and collaborating with artists.

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The current state of Latin Music on Spotify.

“Latin music has become an indispensable part of pop culture and we’re excited to see Viva Latino play a big role in that evolution. Today, we’re celebrating the artists and fans who make this the ultimate destination for Latin hits by unveiling a sophisticated new look for the playlist that steers away from stereotypical cultural symbols, as well as introducing an inclusive tagline, “Elevando Nuestra Música,” a mission that pushes and motivates us to take our music to the global stage,” said Antonio Vázquez, Head of US Latin Editorial.

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