Snow Tha Product is having her best year ever. She went global this year thanks, in part, to her collaboration with Argentine producer Bizarrap. Now the Mexican-American rapper is nominated for her first Latin Grammy Award for “BZRP Music Session #39.” In an exclusive interview, Snow talked about representing Mexicanas and the LGBTQ+ community in rap, her new single with Ludacris, and what’s next.

Snow Tha Product’s rap is rooted in Mexican music.

Snow Tha Product is a rapper that’s beloved by the Chicano community. She was born in San Jose and she proudly represents being Mexican-American in her music. Before becoming a top rapper, Snow was singing mariachi music and after finding her voice through freestyle rap, she moved into hip-hop.

“I realized what I’m rapping about is what I used to sing mariachi about,” Snow Tha Product tells mitú. “That taught me to be a proud Mexican. Very mujerona. Very mera mera. It’s a different genre of music, but it’s still the same sentiment of being a dope Mexican woman.”

Last year, Snow Tha Product collaborated with Snoop Dogg.

Last year, Snow Tha Product received a boost in her career after collaborating with Snoop Dogg. She was part of their collaboration “Feeling Good” with Mexican singer Natanael Cano, Cuban rapper Ovi, and fellow Chicano CNG.

“It was dope,” Snow recalls. “Natanael and Ovi are very talented. CNG was on there too. We’ve grown to be homies. It’s about representing and knowing that we’re all on this journey of just being raza and supporting each other, which is something that is very necessary to do. Representation really matters and when we collaborate amongst each other, it becomes a really dope thing. And Snoop Dogg has always been very supportive of la raza, so it’s cool.”

Snow Tha Product and Bizarrap released one of the biggest songs of the year.

Snow Tha Product’s career went global after she collaborated with Bizarrap. This year she was part of the producer’s famous Music Sessions. Their song “BZRP Music Sessions #39” has over 130 million views on YouTube. It’s among Bizarrap’s most-viewed and most-streamed Music Sessions.

“It was awesome,” Snow says about the experience. “I think it’s a testament to how dope of a producer he is. When you’re in the room with someone really dope, it brings the best out of you, and I think ultimately that’s what happened there. When you put two dope people together and they bounce of each other, you get something really amazing.”

Snow Tha Product’s bilingual flow earned her a Latin Grammy nomination.

Snow Tha Product received her first Latin Grammy nomination in the category of Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song for “BZRP Music Sessions #39.” The award goes to the songwriters of the track, which are Snow and Bizarrap. It’s a testament to her fierce bilingual flow as a rapper. The Latin Grammy Awards will air on Nov. 18 on Univision.

“I think it’s dope, the fact that I did what I’ve been doing, and that did it,” Snow says about her nomination. “You just got to keep working. As a Mexican woman, we know the accolades may come, but you still got to keep working because the job’s not done.”

Snow Tha Product also proudly represents the LGBTQ+ community.

Not only is Snow Tha Product proudly Mexicana in her music, she’s also an openly queer artist. Snow proudly represents the LGBTQ+ community in rap. When I ask if she has a message for her fans in the LGBTQ+ community, Snow answers with “Of course!” She also opens up about her own experience as a queer Latina.

“I love you guys!” Snow adds. “It’s us! It’s about never feeling heard and finally wanting to represent, and finally walking with pride. If a guy is kissing another guy on screen, it’s not because we’re ‘trying to turn your kids gay.’ It’s because we felt we were never able to do some of these things or be proud. Even me, I felt sometimes some sort of shame throughout my life. I think it’s about letting people know that we’re finally happy that we finally get to be ourselves. Let’s just f*cking keep doing it!”

Snow Tha Product made a dream collaboration come true with Ludacris.

Snow Tha Product’s new single is with one of the rapper she looked up while growing up, Ludacris. She teamed up with Drumma Boy and Luda for the heavy-hitter “I Said What I Said.” Snow lets her legendary Mexicana flow loose and holds her own.

“Ludacris was one of my top five [rappers], so to have a song with Ludacris that dropped is crazy,” Snow says. “My emotions are a little bit all over the place right now because I have a song with Ludacris, which was my dream, and I’m Grammy nominated. It’s a weird feeling. I feel there’s still a lot of work to do. But it feels good.”

Snow Tha Product has plenty more collaborations coming up.

Next up, Snow Tha Product is continuing to collaborate with artists from different countries and genres. She has songs lined-up with Mexican singer Kenia Os and Mexican rappers Gera MX and Santa Fe Klan. Snow will be featured on Argentine singer Nicki Nicole’s song “Tengo To.” There’s also music coming with Tech N9ne, Russ, and Steve Aoki. There’s no limits to Snow’s flow as a rapper.

“I think right now has been a really dope time to just collaborate and try new sounds, try new things, and go to different countries,” Snow says. “I want to represent, to show people that I made it from nothing, and be an example that we can do it.”

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