Snow Tha Product Takes The Throne In New Music Video For ‘Queen Of The South’

Credit: Queen of the South / YouTube

“I am the queen, I am what they want.”

Snow Tha Product is moving on up! The L.A.-based artist has gone from rapping about her mom to going off on Donald Trump, to doing her thing on primetime. Snow Tha Product put together some rhymes for “Run That,” an exclusive music video for the of season two premiere of “Queen of the South.” If you’re not familiar with this drama on USA Network, the storyline centers around a powerful Latina that builds her own drug empire (it’s an English-language remake of “La Reina del Sur”). So, clearly, the only woman that could be as equally as badass as Camila — the show’s protagonist — is Snow Tha Product.

Here she is with her crew at the premiere party. She obviously knows how to have a good time.


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