Rauw Alejandro is releasing the collaboration of his dreams as the Puerto Rican singer teamed up with pop star Chris Brown. The two song-and-dance men join forces for Rvssian’s new single “Nostálgico.”

Rauw Alejandro looks up to Chris Brown as an artist.

Since dancing his way on the scene, Rauw Alejandro has been called the Latino equivalent of Chris Brown. From the smooth moves he busts in music videos like “Todo de Ti,” Alejandro’s Brown inspiration is clear as day. With so many comparisons between the two, their fans have long-awaited for them to jump on the same song.

Rvssian made the Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown collaboration happen.

Jamaican producer Rvssian finally brought Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown together for his song “Nostálgico.” Rvssian blended hip-hop and Latin music together in the remix of “Krippy Kush” with Farruko, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny, and Travis Scott. He was the right person for making the Alejandro and Brown dream collaboration happen.

Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown are a dream team in Rvssian’s “Nostálgico.”

In “Nostálgico,” Rvssian mixes proudly Caribbean beats with elements of reggaeton and electronic music. Alejandro and Brown are captivating as they aim to sweep their lovers off their feet. They do just that in Spanish and English. This twinkling duet is magical, sexy, and irresistible.

We finally get to see Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown dance together in the music video!

The music video for “Nostálgico” was directed by Edgar Esteves. At a house party, Brown and Alejandro get to flex their dancing skills alongside each other. The heat these two are going to generate together might melt a few screens.

“Nostálgico” follows Alejandro’s second album Vice Versa that was released in June. This year Brown featured in Jack Harlow’s “Already Best Friends” and H.E.R.’s “Come Through.” He can also be heard on Kanye West’s “New Again” from his Donda album.

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