Rosalia released her third studio album, “MOTOMAMI,” this past Friday, March 18.

Since its release, the album has received critical acclaim and incredible ratings. It even got Cardi B’s approval in a tweet calling the album “fire” and saying that “even if you don’t speak Spanish you will get into it.” 

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While the acclaim has been helpful, in an appearance on the Spanish tv show, “El Hormiguero,” Rosalia wanted to hear what normal people felt about her music.

The “Saoko” singer went out to the streets of Madrid dressed up in a wig and face-changing makeup. While posing as a reporter she asked Madrileños how they felt about her music — and she was definitely surprised by what she heard!

When reporter Rosalia asked bystanders what they thought about her music at the beginning of the video, the responses were harsh.

The first few people she asked said they weren’t fans of her music but liked her boyfriend, Puerto Rican reggaetonero Rauw Alejandro. An older woman said she preferred rock bands like “Pink Floyd” or “Supertramp” but that she thought Rosalia was good, just not her type of music.

But another woman didn’t hold back saying that Rosalía was trying too hard to act Latina and she can only sing because she uses auto tune. Rosalia then pulled out a picture of her album and asked a woman what she thought about Rosalia’s nails on the album. The woman responded by saying that the nails looked like “uñas de una bruja,” and continued to roast Rosalia saying that she didn’t understand her style. 

Another group of people told Rosalia that her old music was a lot better than her new music because of the way that she incorporated flamenco in “Malamente.”

Then one of the interviewees accused the Spanish rapper C. Tangana, Rosalia’s ex-boyfriend, of trying to copy her style by incorporating flamenco into his songs. Rosalia’s facial expressions to the accusation are just priceless.

She then proceeds to show an older man the “Saoko” video on an iPad and the man says he doesn’t like the motorcycle but likes “la chica” on the motorcycle, Rosalia. He then proceeds to get off the park bench and dance to the song, busting out some unique dance moves. 

But the funniest part of the video is when Rosalia reveals her real identity to the interviewees receiving a wide range of reactions, laughs, and embarrassed looks. The woman who said she liked “Pink Floyd ” responded with “you’re not Rosalia, no me jodas” apologizing for saying she didn’t like her music.

Another group of young men couldn’t stop laughing after finally seeing the resemblance between the reporter and Rosalia. This video is an instant classic.