We’re all pretty much on the same page about Rosalía’s talent, proving she has the singing and songwriting chops to release hit after hit, whether discussing her epic 2018 Grammy-winning album “El Mal Querer,” or collaborations like “Con Altura” with J Balvin.

Her biggest fan, though? None other than her boyfriend, singer Rauw Alejandro.

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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro started sparking dating rumors back in 2020, when the “Malamente” singer uploaded several Instagram stories showing the two riding motorcycles together.

That being said, it took them a long time to finally fess up to their romance, with Alejandro posting his first Instagram photo with the Sant Cugat del Vallès-born performer in September 2021. The post congratulated Rosalía on her 28th birthday, captioned, “Aunque se vaya el sol contigo el día nunca acaba 🎶 Feliz cumple bebe… 🎂🎉💕,” and showed the two posing on a boat and playing video games together.

Rosalía quickly followed suit, posting a photo dump of her own that also showed the happy couple taking cute selfies together. 

As of late, the musical couple is more official than ever, posting all kinds of photos on Instagram that show them trekking around the world together.

When asked about his relationship with Rosalía on the Alofoke Radio Show, the usually-private singer initially bristled, but soon shared more information than ever on their romance.

Alejandro said, “the thing is, at least for me and Rosi… I don’t judge any couple in the industry or the world… but you know, there are many couples that fall for each other and go full throttle.” He continued, “at least for us, we took our time, relaxed.” When asked how long they had been with each other, Alejandro was less specific, replying, “a couple of months… a couple of years.” Okay, then! 

Talking about their ethos when it comes to taking it slow, Alejandro explained, “we’ve been together a long time already… but the point is… you want to make sure that that’s the person for you, or vice versa.”

He also talked about how each of them “have a career to maintain,” and that neither of them are the type to create “drama.” Once paparazzi and fans caught on to the relationship, the “Todo De Ti” singer said they “were sure [of] what they wanted in life.”

So how did the two meet? Alejandro simply said the two met because of the music industry, and admitted he pursued her first — but would give all the details if he ever gave an interview alongside Rosalía. He said that he realized she was right for him once the proper amount of “time” had passed, and when asked if he’s smooth with words, he simply explained, “I’m Rauw, papi.” 

The interviewer also asked how in love he is with Rosalía, and he said: “I’m ‘enchulado,’ I’m in love. That’s nice, love is beautiful. We’re good, I’m happy.” Still, he said he’s still extremely focused on his career, saying, “being in love helps you focus.” When asked further about that, he did say, “there are people that add to your life, there are people that subtract from it. So when you have that person that adds to your life, I think it’s good for you… and it makes you grow, it makes you become better.” 

Lastly, the Alofoke Radio Show interviewer asked the question on everyone’s minds: would he marry Rosalía?

The “Fantasías” singer was coy, just saying the two are “happy.” He also said that the couple enjoys giving each other little gifts, and likes to keep their relationship low key. They enjoy going on vacation together because they both “work like crazy,” and does Rosalía get jealous or possessive? Not in the slightest. Alejandro explained he never has to “report” himself to her after concerts, and that they’re both “relaxed” people.

This isn’t the first time Alejandro has shouted his love for Rosalía from the rooftops: he famously gave her a shout-out during his Barcelona concert back in October 2021. Speaking in Catalán, a TikTok video shows that he said, “Barcelona is the best city in the world and it has the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, too.”

The San Juan-born artist also told ET that Rosalía is “perfect” and “beautiful,” saying, “I’m really proud, man. She’s amazing. She deserves everything that happened, that is happening en su carrera. She works really hard and, you know, [I’m] really happy man.”

Another older, yet equally heartwarming moment? Alejandro told Teen Vogue back in September 2020 that Rosalía’s “Pienso en tu Mirá” was part of “the playlist of his life,” explaining, “Rosalía is an amazing artist from Spain. It’s like a flamenco vibe with you know, urban music, something new… and her vocals are from heaven.” He said, “I’ve got a lot of songs of her on my playlist.” These two are definitely all about el buen querer!


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