Puerto Rican superstar Rauw Alejandro is living his best life in the music video for “Todo de Ti.” Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal joins Rauw at the skating rink for the disco banger.

This year Rauw has collaborated with Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys.

So far, 2021 has been a year of hit collaborations for Rauw Alejandro. The Boricua singer teamed up with Selena Gomez for “Baila Conmigo,” Bad Gyal in the “Zorra” remix, and recently Alicia Keys for her remix of “Underdog” with Nicky Jam. All the collaborations show versatility to Alejandro’s artistry as a pop star.

After flirting with pop on his past singles, Rauw Alejandro goes all-in with “Todo de Ti.”

For his new single “Todo de Ti,” Rauw Alejandro fully taps into his pop star potential. He eschews the reggaeton music momentarily for disco-fied beats that are reminiscent of Michael Jackson in the ’80s. While the song’s sound is more throwback, Alejandro’s signature swagger and charm keep it contemporary. He’s putting his best foot and dreamiest lyrics forward to woo over the girl of his eye, but he’s going win over the world in the process.

“I like things that are different,” Alejandro said in a statement. “I’ve always been that way. My first album AfrodisĂ­aco focused on my musical roots, but I would never want to limit myself to a single genre. I was in Puerto Rico and thought of experimenting with some creative sounds, crafting a single that would be perfect for summer.”

Shaq comes through for a cameo in the “Todo de Ti” music video.

Those summer vibes are alive in “Todo de Ti” music video. Like the best pop music videos, Rauw Alejandro takes his party to the skating rink. As one of the best dancers in Latin music right now, of course, he has a dance battle with himself. To make things more epic, Shaquille O’Neal puts on his rollerblades and cuts loose with the singer. Rauw also debuts his new buzz cut.

“Todo de Ti” is another reason to be excited about Alejandro’s second album. To add to his list of collaborations, this year he was spotted in the recording studio with Christina Aguilera. Keep the hits coming, Rauw.

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