Doctor by day, artist by night, that’s the life of Puerto Rico’s very own rapper and physician, PJ Sin Suela. In an exclusive interview with Latido Music by mitú, PJ talked to us about his new single “A Que No Me Tocas,” his life as a doctor in Puerto Rico amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and fans recognizing him at the hospital.

PJ Sin Suela is used to growing up in two cultures.

Born Pedro-Juan Vazquez Bragan in The Bronx and raised in Puerto Rico, PJ is no stranger to living between two languages. One of the songs that showcase his natural bilingual talent is “Duolingo.” He effortlessly switches between English and Spanish.

“Here we use a lot of Spanglish, and it’s a cultural thing that sometimes we Puerto Ricans criticize a lot, but it’s a reality here,” PJ says. “My grandfather is American, and he moved to Puerto Rico for the army and married my grandma, that’s why I speak a lot of English since I was little. I honestly think it’s a nice thing for those of us that can speak two languages that we’re able to do so, I consider that to be a superpower.”

PJ officially joined the medical field as a doctor to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico.

PJ graduated from medical school as his musical career was on the rise. He chose to focus on his music career until the Covid-19 pandemic struck the island. The rapper put on his white coat and worked full time as a doctor at the hospital to help in the global fight against the virus.

“I’ve learned a lot, it wasn’t something that I planned honestly. When I graduated med school, I was always doing music, but I wasn’t really working at a hospital from Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m., and sometimes 24-hour shifts,” PJ shared about his experience. “I’ve learned so much, especially that life can change in an instant. It’s a good thing for me to have these two options in life, in my case with music and medicine, so I’m very happy I get to work in both fields.”

Being a local celebrity, it was only a matter of time until he was recognized in the hospital by the patients he was treating.

“I usually give them stickers, and sometimes they take pics with me,” PJ said laughing. “Some of them do ask me to sing, but I never really do that.”

His new single “A Que No Me Tocas” is about breaking the mold in the music industry.

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The music video for “A Que No Me Tocas” features an artist being put on different music video sets according to “what sells” in the music industry. PJ Sin Suela makes fun of that and proudly lives by his own rules.

“I feel like ‘A Que No Me Tocas’ represents me and my brand of comedy, making fun of the stereotypes while at the same time trying to break them, since you know I’m in medical school, but also rap, and I’m always speaking my mind,” PJ shared.

In terms of the music video, while writing the song he was already thinking of the visuals and the characters that he would like to have on the screen. “I knew I wanted to have a Ninja Turtle on there.”

As someone that’s known for breaking the rules, PJ told us the three rules that he lives by.

PJ is known for never holding back in his rap and for living life on his own terms. Here are the three rules he does live by.

“1. Never disrespecting women. 2. Not silencing myself when I don’t like something, always speaking up. 3. Pasarla bien. I’m here to have a good time, I do this (singing) because I love it, because I love to be on stage and doing live shows,” PJ says.

Recently, Puerto Rico has been in the news due to the femicides of two women: Keishla Rodriguez and Andrea Ruiz. PJ, living by his rules, defended women once again, and promised to do better to become an ally to women.

“Today I feel, in addition to sadness and fear, shame and frustration,” PJ says. “I promise to be aware of the language I use. I promise to be an ally. I promise to learn and unlearn.”

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