Mexican icon, Vicente Fernández will receive a tribute at this year’s Premios De La Radio. Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme, Carin León, and the lead singers of Banda MS will be performing Fernández’s greatest hits at the award show.

Grupo Firme and Ángela Aguilar are this year’s top nominees.

Premios De La Radio is the biggest award show in the U.S. that’s dedicated to regional Mexican music. Genres like norteño, sierreño, banda, and mariachi are recognized in their own categories. The emerging corridos tumbados genre is also recognized in the regional urban category. This year, Grupo Firme leads with eight nominations. Pepe Aguilar’s daughter Ángela Aguilar is the top female nominee with five nominations.

Vicente Fernández will be saluted in performances by Grupo Firme, Banda MS, Natalia Jiménez, among others.

This year, Premios De La Radio will be honoring Vicente Fernández with a special tribute. Many of today’s top regional Mexican acts will be performing his most famous songs. Caz of Grupo Firme will sing “Por Tu Maldito Amor,” Alán Ramirez and Oswaldo (Walo) Silvas of Band MS will sing “Llaves De Mi Alma,” and León will sing “Te Quise Olvidar.” Women are also paying tribute, including Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez who will perform “Hermoso Cariño.”

“This tribute will be a moving moment in the show, when we celebrate and reflect on the impact Don Chente’s music, songs and work have had on Mexican culture and entertainment around the world,” said Estrella Media Pepe Garza, director of Premios De la Radio, in a statement.

Vicente Fernández was recently moved out of the ICU after his serious fall.

Fernández’s tribute comes on the heels of good news about his health. In a statement last week, Chente’s doctors revealed that he was released from ICU after a serious fall three months ago. He is continuing his recovery and rehabilitation in a hospital room. His condition was described by the doctors as “stable, more alert, and cooperative.”

Premios De La Radio will air live from Mexico City on November 10 on EstrellaTV. Fans can vote for their favorite artists here.

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