Mexico’s premier queer rapper Niña Dioz released her new album Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios on Friday. With 12 new tracks, she flexes her versatility as an artist in genres like reggaeton, Latin trap, and R&B.

Dioz is making the Latin hip-hop scene more inclusive for women and people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Echoing Dioz’s stance as a voice for the non-conforming in Latin hip-hop, she offers a powerful message about her LP. “To all the warrior witches, cabronas, fighting against the tide… oye!” she said in a statement.

In a machista hip-hop scene, Dioz has represented the communities who are often left out: the women and queer folks. Her career spans over a decade. In the US, she made her live debut at South by Southwest in 2009. In 2018, Dioz released her album Reyna through Nacional Records, the label that’s also behind Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios.

Her new album includes multiple all-women collaborations with artists like Hispana and Rebeca Lane.

Dioz’s latest album is the perfect release for Women’s History Month with multiple all-women collaborations. In “Mezcal,” she blends hip-hop with a ranchera music edge. Dioz teams up with fellow Mexicana Hispana. “¡Viva México cabronas!” she wrote on YouTube about the music video.

Dioz’s bruja shout-out opens the song “Kamikaze” featuring Guatemalan artist Rebeca Lane. A hypnotic flute and hard-hitting trap beats back the women as they unleash their lyrical ammo. “I don’t need a cabellero because I do what I want,” Dioz spits in Spanish. It’s an explosive and empowering anthem all in one.

Another standout on the album is “Último Perreo” where Dioz shines alone. Dioz throws an inclusive club party where she perreas with another woman as folks in the LGBTQ+ community are living their best lives.

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