Mexican superstar Natanael Cano is back with a new collection of corridos tumbados. In honor of his recent 20th birthday, his new album is called A Mis 20s. He teams up with fellow rising star Junior H and upcoming artists in the genre like Oscar Maydon and Dan Sánchez. In an interview with Latido Music, Cano talked about his LP, the success of corridos tumbados, and his recent collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Alejandro Fernández.

Natanael Cano made corridos tumbados hot that even Bad Bunny wanted in on the movement.

“Corridos tumbados have been successful thanks to all the fans,” Cano tells mitú. “I believe we presented the people with a new sound and another style of music and they’ve accepted it.”

Cano first broke out as the pioneer of corridos tumbados in 2019 with “Soy El Diablo.” Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny heard the song and wanted to jump on the remix. Since then, the Hermosillo native has become a go-to collaborator in Latin music while elevating the corridos tumbados genre.

Snoop Dogg teamed up with Natanael Cano for last year’s “Feeling Good” hit.

Cano is known for corridos tumbados, but he’s recently branched out into Latin trap and reggaeton music. He tapped into the former genre last year for the collaboration “Feeling Good” with Ovi, CNG, Snow Tha Product, and Tío Snoop Dogg. Snoop called Nata his “carnale” in the song.

“When I went to the studio to record that song, I met Snoop Dogg,” Cano says. “I smoked weed with him. He’s an upbeat person who is always happy. He likes to talk. He’s not closed-off. He’s a very sociable person. It was very amazing to meet him.”

The OG regional Mexican legends like Alejandro Fernández are also wanting in on corridos tumbados.

At first, it seemed like the old guard of regional Mexican icons was not taking kindly to corridos tumbados, but that changed this year when Alejandro Fernández wanted to remix Cano’s hit “Amor Tumbado.” The surprisingly incredible duet blends corridos tumbados with ranchera music. Nata affectionately calls the Jalisco legend “viejón.”

“That was awesome and something unique,” Cano says. “We got to know each other [while filming the music video]. We got along well. We talked and laughed together. He’s a person who is really happy. He’s cool.”

Natanael Cano is helping elevate the next wave of corridos tumbados stars on his album.

In his new album A Mis 20s, Cano regroups with his Rancho Humilde labelmate Junior H. The corridos tumbados dream team comes through with the stirring track “El F.” Cano also uses his album to help bring up the newest signees to the label, Oscar Maydon, Justin Morales, and Dan Sánchez. The Mexcian quartet joins forces for the song “Llenas Las Cuentas.”

“I believe they’re the future of the genre,” Cano says. “They’re the rising artists in the genre that I’m proud of.”

“Diamantes” is a more tender and acoustic take on corridos tumbados.

A Mis 20s also represents the new sound that Cano is giving corridos tumbados. “Diamantes” is a striking and stunning ballad that opens the album. He blends the genre seemingly with a touch of alternative rock.

“I think I’m going to focus more on making songs like ‘Diamantes,'” Cano says. “I think the people like it and I’m going to pull more from that [sound] in my next productions.”

Expect more singles (and hopefully) concerts from Natanael Cano this year.

As for what’s next, Cano says there will be more singles. There will be more corridos as well as forays into Latin trap and reggaeton. He’s hoping to tour as well pending the COVID-19 situation.

As the face of corridos tumbados, Cano says, “I feel good. I feel like I have a responsibility sometimes, but at the same time we’re doing this for fun.”

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