Myke Towers is back with his new album Lyke Mike. The Puerto Rican superstar comes through with 23 new tracks that show why he’s Latin rap’s MVP.

Lyke Mike is based on Myke’s admiration for Michael Jordan.

The title for Towers’ album is a reference to basketball legend Michael Jordan. Among the 23 tracks, he actually limits the number of features to only a few artists like Ñengo Flow, Jon Z, and Miky Woodz. For most of the LP, Towers goes it alone and lets that malleable flow of his run wild.

Myke eschews reggaeton for a full LP of Latin trap.

Instead of delivering an album of reggaeton, Towers opts for straight rap and trap with Lyke Mike. A few hours before the album’s release, he wrote on Twitter, “In Lyke Mike, there’s no commercial music.” Towers also dabbles in a bit of drill music. Latido Music is here to highlight five of our favorite songs on Lyke Mike.

“Mírenme Ahora”

Around a bolero melody and trap beats, Towers raps about living large in “Mírenme Ahora.” He talks about the rough road he’s taken to be where he is now. Towers also references to the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. “They got them in the car / That’s why I’m my own chauffeur,” he spits.

“Pin Pin”

Towers pays tribute to his Boricua roots with “Pin Pin.” He turns the classic “Periquito Pin Pin” by Tommy Olivencia into a refreshing reggaeton bop. Towers even lets out a salsa music chant at the start of the song for fun.

“De Novela”

Towers shares the spotlight with another rising Afro-Boricua talent in “De Novela.” He teams up with local rapper Sahir. Like in a basketball game, they alley-oop off each other lyrically to score a slam dunk collaboration.

“Balas Locas”

In “Balas Locas,” Towers joins forces with fellow Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z. He dabbles in drill music for the first time and shows just how versatile his flow is. The guys are packing lyrical heat in this knockout collaboration.

“No Salen”

“No Salen” sounds like Towers’ triumphant song after winning the game. Latin rap’s king doesn’t let his crown slip here. This glorious and swaggering anthem is one of Lyke Mike‘s finest moments.  

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