During his live-stream concert on Mother’s Day, Marco Antonio SolĂ­s revealed a big surprise. The Mexican icon reunited with his band Los Bukis.

Marco Antonio SolĂ­s split with Los Bukis 25 years ago.

SolĂ­s rose to prominence through the ’70s and ’80s as the lead singer of Los Bukis. Before going solo, the band played one last show in Guadalajara on May 18, 1996. Almost 25 years to the day they split, SolĂ­s reunited with Los Bukis at the end of his Bohemia En Pandemia show.

Bohemia En Pandemia was SolĂ­s’ virtual concert that he live-streamed on Mother’s Day through CinĂ©polis Klic. The MichoacĂĄn native performed a number of his solo hits live. Fans can still buy tickets to repeats of the show on SolĂ­s’ website.

After their reunion, the guys of Los Bukis performed “Tu CĂĄrcel.”

For those fans who bought the basic access + bonus track package, they were treated to SolĂ­s’ reunion with Los Bukis. SolĂ­s and his former bandmates gave interviews about the excitement of their first time hanging out in 25 years. The guys can be seen jamming together.

Like old times, SolĂ­s and Los Bukis gave a spirited performance of their classic hit “Tu CĂĄrcel.” Each of the members’ jackets are emblazoned with the words: Los Bukis. The guys still got that pep in their step during this performance.

Hopefully, this leads to a Los Bukis reunion tour.

Los Bukis fans are definitely excited about SolĂ­s’ reunion with the band. This doesn’t seem like it will be a one-off performance. After the live-stream concert, official social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were created for Los Bukis. With the guys finally back together, hopefully, there will be a Los Bukis reunion tour in the future.

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