By now, you have probably seen many celebrities with profile pictures showcasing a Bored Ape like Brazilian fútbol superstar Neymar Jr., or maybe stumbled upon a tweet from actress Eva Longoria asking her followers for NFT women-led projects. Many celebrities have become curious about what NFTs or non-fungible tokens are and why so many are investing in the crypto art space.

Latin music stars have recently been making waves in this world, so mitú reached out to Mexican icon Thalia, Colombian producer and entrepreneur Lex Borrero, Nigerian singer and producer Daramola, to chat about how they got started with NFTs, their favorite collections and upcoming projects.

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Thalia has been a prominent member of the NFT community, sharing her knowledge on Twitter Spaces; Lex Borrero is a trendsetter in NFTs by usually betting early on projects that are now becoming popular; Nigerian Latin music producer Daramola has his own NFT collection AND album dropping soon.

First things first, how did you learn about NFTs?

Thalia: I heard about NFTs a couple of years ago. But I fell in love with it when I saw a Clone X through my Instagram feed, I follow Murakami and I became obsessed with the image. It was something about the Clone X collection that reminded me of my childhood, and it brought great memories through these avatars. So I became obsessed trying to own one of these and because of that I went down the rabbit hole of the NFTs, crypto and Web3 world.

Lex Borrero: I’ve been following the crypto, web3 and NFT movement since it started.

Daramola: I heard about NFTs pretty early last year when the Beeple hype started becoming a thing, but I didn’t get completely into it until July last year.

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What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone getting started in the NFT space?

Thalia: The NFT world is still in diapers and it’s developing and growing every second of the day. It is creating different ecosystems, where people see a special niche where they belong. 

1. You must get informed, educate yourself; you must do your own research before impulsively jumping in project collections or one of one (1/1) projects.

2. Get to know the community that belongs to the NFT project you like. That will tell you if they have invested to profit or if they really want to grow and help that specific ecosystem in the years to come.

3. Do not spend money that puts your finances at risk. In other words, if you’re planning to go to the movies with your whole family or if you want to buy a great pair of shoes or a nice bag, then instead of doing that, you can play around with it and get to know the crypto market. Open a ‘wallet’ and fool around until you feel comfortable with the whole idea.

Lex Borrero: Don’t do it as a quick cash grab. If you really want to learn long term, get in the community and be a part of it.

Daramola: I’d advise anyone looking to get into the space to be as open-minded as they can be. It’s quite a shock when you hear that people are selling JPEGS for over 10,000USD. I’d also advise them to get on Twitter, and follow people who are in the NFT space, jump in on “Twitter Spaces,” which is the twitter equivalent of clubhouse, and finally, DYOR more popularly known as “Do Your Own Research.” There are lots of fake, scammy projects out there with people looking to make a quick buck, so research is very important.

What are some of your favorite artists and collections right now? 

Thalia: I’m gravitating to woman projects like World of Women or Women and Weapons that have a solid following, and they look to empower women, not on a short-term basis but on a long term, in my opinion. I’m also gravitating towards the one of one artists. These are great pieces with heart and soul, and you get to know in the artist.

Lex Borrero: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodle, Fluff, Alien Frens, Robotos.

Daramola: Right now I’m very much into the DeadFellaz, Robotos, Rug Radio Rugs, Robopets, which are on the Ethereum blockchain and Thugbirdz, Catalina Whales, ChillChat Origins, SOLgods which are on the Solana blockchain.

How do you think NFTs can help the Latin music industry? 

Thalia: It’s definitely another expansion of the music history, if you think about it, a long time ago people used to buy long play records and then music evolved to cassettes, soon after that CDs, then MP3 files, [to] nowadays streaming services, and this is just another step for the music industry. It’s exciting because we’re just at the tip of the iceberg, there are endless possibilities for music, video, film, photography and art.

Lex Borrero: It can definitely create a new revenue stream.

Do you have any upcoming projects in NFTs, if so, what can you tell us about them?

Thalia: My head is exploding with projects! Not just as an artist, singer, actress, entrepreneur, to bring my world into the metaverse, or NFT ecosystem, but also as an illustrator and photographer in a one of one environment. There’s so much to explore here, but to me, the most important element right now is to get to know the community. They are unbelievable! I’m in love with them! I’m trying to use my Twitter Spaces to connect and create a bigger platform for everybody to collide, learn, meet each other, and become stronger by doing so. That right now is what excites me the most, getting to know these incredible people.

Lex Borrero: We do, but we can’t announce yet!

Thalia, what was your experience like working with Mexican designer Pablo Stanley to create Robotos inspired by your iconic looks? 

Thalia: That was a total surprise! I met Pablo through a mutual friend and since day one, he was so generous and loving. He guided and taught me about NFTs. He was so excited that I got a Roboto and I was so excited that he was Mexican, so from the beginning that was a great combination.

A couple Robotos after, he surprised me with a “La Thalia” Roboto outfit for my avatar and for all his community, just to give me a warm welcome to the NFT world! Immediately all his community dressed as Thalia and it was such a beautiful and unexpected surprise. I’m so happy that people like him are building a solid space in this world, serving as an example for others.

Daramola, your own NFT collection is on the way, what can you tell us about this project?

Daramola: Yes I am, and I am extremely excited about it. My new album is currently in the works, and it features pretty well-known names in the industry. I am creating a digital booklet with one of one art per song on the album, in addition to creating a PFP project based on the main character on the album, offering my NFT collectors the opportunity to claim the Vinyl version of my album, and finally giving live metaverse concerts and listening sessions. So I’m giving a lot of utility to holders of my NFT.