While most of us know Karol G for being a bichota on stage and putting on amazing concerts, it turns out she’s a great person offstage, too. That was clear on Friday when she performed a free concert for female prisoners in Bogotá’s El Buen Pastor Prison.

The concert was organized by the Acción Interna Foundation, a non-profit organization that looks to provide a better quality of life for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. The Acción Interna Foundation was founded by Colombian Telenovela star Johana Bahamón who was inspired to help Colombia’s incarcerated population after serving as a judge in a prison beauty pageant in 2012. 

The organization posted pictures of the concert on Instagram thanking the reggaetón queen with the caption: “Yesterday was a day we won’t forget. Thank you, Karol G for gifting us this moment filled with music, generosity, empathy, and solidarity with women who’ve lost their freedom and are incarcerated in Buen Pastor prison in Bogota. Thank you for being a believer in second chances.”

The pictures show Karol G performing in the prison courtyard and visiting the cells to see how women in prison live. But one thing that stands out is the smiles on the faces of the women who can escape for a few minutes from the harsh reality of prison life.

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Bahamón from Acción Interna commented how remarkable Karol G is, saying, “She is incredibly generous and kind, filled with humanity and empathy. I love her. And so do the 1,950 inmates of Buen Pastor, whom she visited across the different areas of the prison.”

This wasn’t the first time that the singer of “Mamiii” performed in a prison. Last December, she rocked out at the Pedregal prison in her hometown of Medellín, thanks to the support of the Acción Interna Foundation. 

The concerts are part of a wider initiative from the foundation to promote a proposed prison reform law called Second Opportunities. The law would help inmates learn skills for work and get degrees in business administration to help them readapt to society after being deprived of liberty. 

While we’re always excited to hear Karol G’s latest hits and new collaborations, these heartwarming concerts show that she actually cares about giving back to her fans — even if they can’t buy tickets to her concert.