Argentine singer-songwriter Juan Ingaramo premiered his new music video for “El Fenómeno del Mambo.” He shakes what his mama gave him in the cinematic visual.

Ingaramo broke out of Argentina thanks to Los Ángeles Azules.

Juan Ingaramo is most known for featuring on Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules’ De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo album. Outside of Argentina, he scored his first global hit with the cumbia band and Mexican singer Julieta Venegas. They collaborated on the magical duet “Acariñame,” which was nominated for a Premio Lo Nuestro award for Best Cumbia Song. He also recorded a new version of the Azules’ classic “Ay Amor.”

The first taste of his new album was “No Necesito.”

Ingaramo first teased his new album in December with the tropical bop “No Necesito.” For Valentine’s Day, he released an acoustic version of the song that made his heartfelt lyrics all the more tender. Ingaramo is known for his limitless pop nacional sound where he tackles any genre and puts his unique spin on it.

Next up: Ingaramo is doing the mambo.

As the song’s title suggests, Ingaramo goes after the mamba with “El Fenómeno del Mambo.” He lets it known at the start that this song is coming from Argentina. Ingaramo gives the colorful genre a cuarteto kick that is native to his hometown of Córdoba. The song was helmed by his longtime producer Nico Cotton. Ingaramo’s magnetic charm makes his sweet somethings sound irresistible. He comes through with a love song that you can dance to.

Dancing is exactly what Ingaramo does in the “El Fenómeno del Mambo” video that was directed by Maxi Baldi. Ingaramo fever has swept Córdoba and the crowds are going wild for him. With his new album due out in May, this could be a foreshadowing of things to come for him on a larger scale.

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