Ex-CNCO member Joel Pimentel is getting ready to embark on his solo career. Before the release of his debut single, the Mexican-American singer changed his stagename to DELEŌN. In a new documentary, he opens up about the inspiration for his name change.

Joel Pimentel left CNCO back in May.

In May, Joel shocked CNCO when he announced his departure from the group. He performed on last live-stream concert with CNCO that month before going solo. Joel insisted that there was no bad blood between the guys.

“It’s time for me to grow and explore new artistic avenues,” he wrote in a statement. “It’s time to start building my own path and career. This is why I decided to leave the band.”

Joel Pimentel is now DELEŌN.

Joel is getting ready to fly solo, but under a new name. He will be going by the stagename DELEŌN. Off the stage, he now wants to be referred to as Joel Deleōn.

In a mini-documentary on his YouTube page, DELEŌN opens up about the decision to change his name. The change was inspired by his late grandfather who also carried that last name. DELEŌN also talks about the good memories of his grandfather and how he inspired his move to music.  

“DELEŌN is more than a last name,” Joel said in a statement. “It is the legacy of my grandfather Luis Deleōn, who planted a love for music in me. Everything in life has a reason for being and this is my why.”

DELEŌN’s debut single is coming next week!

DELEŌN’s debut single as a solo artist should be coming very shortly. He’s scheduled to premiere the hotly-anticipated song “La Culpa” on Nickelodeon Latam on Oct. 22. If you want to join the DELEŌN ranks, his new fanbase is called District D.

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