2021 is the year of Karol G. The Colombian superstar released one of the biggest albums of the year, KG0516, that has amassed hit after hit. This week, she will also be launching her first major headlining tour in the U.S. In an interview about her “For the People” campaign with Smirnoff, Karol G opened up about the global success of KG0516, the Bichota tour, and what fans can expect from her next.

Karol G’s KG0516 album has taken her career to new heights.

Karol G released one of the biggest albums of the year regardless of genre with KG0516. The LP features the smash hits like “Tusa” with Nicki Minaj and the girl power anthem “Bichota.” She scored more hits this year with “El Makinon” featuring Mariah Angeliq and the mariachi ballad “200 Copas.” Karol G is happy to be making her mark with a personal album.

“My album is my baby,” Karol G tells mitú. “I released an album with songs that I wrote about how I felt as a person, woman, and entrepreneur. I’m happy to see an album that’s so connected with my being as a person be number one in the world and break records. This magnificent album will end in an incredible tour. I’m so grateful and excited, and I hope to see you on tour so that we can have a brutal time.”

Karol G is teaming up with Smirnoff for her Bichota Tour and “For the People” campaign.

Smirnoff is presenting Karol G’s Bichota Tour that kicks off in Denver on Oct. 27. The tour runs through all the major cities in the U.S. throughout late November. “You can expect many great things on my tour,” she promises. “It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.” Karol G also teamed up with Smirnoff for the “For the People” campaign celebrates the power and diversity of Latino culture. She adds about how inclusive the campaign strives to be.

“I’m very excited to be part of this campaign,” Karol G says. “Smirnoff wants to invite people to love themselves and be happy and not be afraid. I want to invite people to respect each other and embrace each other’s differences.”

Karol G’s hit with Tiësto is leading the campaign.

Smirnoff’s Poco Pico Seltzer variety pack and Spicy Tamarind beverages will be released this fall as part of the campaign with Karol G. The Poco Pico Seltzer pack includes flavors like mango chili, pineapple jalapeño, spicy tamarind, and spicy margarita. The theme for campaign will be her latest hit, “Don’t Be Shy” with Dutch DJ Tiësto. This was a crossover collaboration that she was excited to take part in.

“I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Tiësto,” Karol G says. “I always thought a song with him would be in Spanish, but this great song came to me written in English. They asked me if I wanted to do in Spanish, but I really connected with in English. Many people already know that I’m Latina, I speak Spanish, and I proudly represent all that, but I like a challenge and doing this in English was something I wanted to do. I love making my dreams come true with what I’m doing.”

Next, Karol G wants to tackle the movies and theatre.

Right now Karol G is riding the top of the charts right now with her latest single “Sejodioto.” It’s her first post-KG0516 release. She’s hard at work on new music and plans to wind down after taking a victory lap with her Bichota Tour.

“I think I’m going to take a break from music,” Karol G says. “As a person, I’m going through an emotional change that’s special and important. I’ve been writing a lot and yes, making music in the studio, but I’m not sure if it will come to life in the form of another album. We’ll see.”

As what Karol G wants to do next, the sky’s the limit. She excitedly adds, “As a woman I want to see how far I can go. How far I can go with my music, in business, in theatre, in film — in everything. I’m working on several projects and there are many surprises coming up for my fans.”

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