Three years since leaving Fifth Harmony, Ally Brooke has found her footing as a solo artist. The Mexican-American singer is prepping her first Spanish-language album with her new single “Mi Musica.” She also recently collaborated with the iconic rock group, Santana. In an exclusive interview with mitú, Brooke talked about the new music that’s coming, working with Santana, and what to expect next.

Ally Brooke is starting a new chapter in her music career.

In August, Brooke signed a joint record deal with Duars Entertainment and AMSI Entertainment. She’s the first female artist to sign with both labels. Brooke is currently recording her first album under the new partnership. Duars Entertainment is home to Puerto Rican pop star Rauw Alejandro.

“Now to have a brand new start and to be with such an incredible team is such a gift,” Brooke tells mitú. “I feel like in a way, for the first time, I can be myself as an artist. This is my creation. This my heart. This is me as an artist, as a woman, as a music creator, and as a [music] lover.”

Ally Brooke is spreading the love in “Mi Musica.”

Brooke recently released her first single, “Mi Musica,” where she sings about the joy that her loved ones bring to her life. She brings the touching message to life in the colorful music video that already has over four million views on YouTube. It’s the lead single from her upcoming Spanish-language album.

“‘Mi Musica is purely from my heart, my spirit, and it’s just so special,” Brooke says. “My inspiration for the song was my fans, my family, and my loved loves. This is a song that I dedicate to them because of the lyrics. I explain that with you nothing else is needed and with you I have everything.”

Santana teamed up with Ally Brooke for “Break.”

This new era in Brooke’s career is off to a great start. With the release of “Mi Musica,” she now also has a collaboration with a legend in her discography. Brooke appears on Santana’s new album “Blessings and Miracles.” She’s featured in the uplifting song “Break,” singing over Santana’s signature guitar licks. Diane Warren, who wrote the track, brought Brooke and Santana together.

“Carlos —Mr. Santana and I, we talk all the time, almost every day through text,” Brooke says. “He says he wants this [song] to help heal many people with depression and anxiety, who have even like suicidal thoughts. It’s talking about, ‘I’ll be there for you if you break, if you crumble.’ I’m here for you. We pray that this song will heal those minds and touch the hearts of people. That song is so special to me and I thank Diane Warren, who is a dear friend, and I thank Mr. Santana for allowing me to be on it. It’s a gift.”

Ally Brooke’s fans will get to know more of her on her debut album.

Brooke was elated whenever she mentioned the word: album. It was as if she almost couldn’t believe all her hard work was about to be out into the world.

“A lot of these records are, I would say in a way, powerful,” Brooke says. “Through the music itself, but also in the lyrics. I feel like I finally found my own womanhood, my artistry, and who I am. You can just feel that in my music and there’s so many layers to me that I embody on this album. It’s a body of work that I dreamt about and that I am beyond proud of.”

There could be an Ally Brooke and Rauw Alejandro collaboration in the future.

In her list of dream collaborators, Brooke mentions her labelmate Rauw Alejandro. She also names Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Natti Natasha, and Karol G. “In our world, the Latin world, there’s so much talent there that it’s insane,” Brooke says. As for what’s next, she plans to put on concerts.

“What I want to achieve with my music is I want to make people dance,” she says. “I want to make people smile and have fun, and feel powerful and confident, and feel worthy, and like they’re enough. My wish is that my music will help so many people and that they will see who I am through it.”

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