Alex Fernández is carrying on the legacy of his famous last name. The Mexican singer is following in the footsteps of his dad, Alejandro, and grandfather, Vicente. At the same time, Alex is blazing a path for himself in mariachi with his new single “Buscando El Olvido.” In an exclusive interview, the younger Fernández talked about working with Calibre 50’s Edén Muñoz on music, touring the U.S. with his dad, and gave an update on Vicente’s recovery.

Alex Fernández is proud to uphold his family’s dynasty.

As the title of Fernández’s Grammy-nominated album, Sigue La Dinastía, suggests, Alex is proud to be continuing his family’s legacy. After watching greats like Alejandro and Vicente precede him, he kicked off his own music career in 2018.

“To be a part of this grand dynasty is both an honor and responsibility, so I always try to work very hard in everything that we do,” Fernández tells mitú. “But fortunately, there’s the fact that this dynasty comes with two legends, my grandfather and dad, who have both shown me so much. Every day I learn something more from them.”

Alex Fernández shared the stage once with his father and grandfather.

Early into his career, Alex had a major moment. At the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards, he performed “Volver Volver” alongside Alejandro and Vicente. The trio of artists represented Mexico well and Alex showed that the next generation of the Fernández dynasty was in good hands.

“That’s one of the most important things to happen in my career,” Fernández says. “Not only was it on the Grammys stage, but to have the privilege and blessing to share the stage with my dad and my grandfather, that was unforgettable. I loved it! Hopefully we can do that again, the three of us singing together on the stage or in a song. That will stay with me forever.”

Alex Fernández is giving mariachi a new spin in “Buscando El Olvido.”

With his debut album, Alex was sticking to more traditional mariachi music. “Buscando El Olvido” marks a new era in his career where he’s looking to redefine the sound. For the peda-ready anthem, Fernández worked with former Calibre 50 member Edén Muñoz. The song blends mariachi with a touch of sierreño that Muñoz is known for.

“I’ve always said that I wanted to revolutionize and refresh mariachi,” Fernández says. “I worked with Edén Muñoz and we fused our music together. We have a mariachi with instruments that he uses, like the tuba, the accordion, among other things. It was something very interesting. I loved how the production came out.”

Alex Fernández is opening for 11 dates on his dad’s U.S. tour.

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Alex is going to open for his dad’s Hecho En México Tour in the U.S. Throughout September and October, he will perform in major cities like Sacramento, El Paso, Houston, and Chicago. Two of those 11 dates will be in Las Vegas for Fiesta Patrias weekend. Alex will also sing a few duets with Alejandro.

“I feel nostalgic because I remember when I used to accompany my dad on his tours when I was a kid,” Fernández says. “Now that I’m older, I’m going to be able to share the stage with him. It’s awesome! We’re very excited. It’s going to be an unforgettable event.”

His grandfather Vicente is making progress with his recovery in the hospital.

While Alex gets ready to kick off the tour with his dad this week, his grandfather is recovering in the hospital from a fall. It’s been month since the accident that put Vicente in “serious but stable” condition and Alex is confident in the progress that he’s making while in recovery.

“He’s always been a warrior,” Fernández says. “Right now, he’s in the hospital. It’s been a slow process, but he’s recovering well. He’s making great advances when compared with the usual estimates in his case, so we’re happy. We hope that he continues making progress at the speed he’s going and fully recovers, so that he’s back with us.”  

Alex Fernández’s next goal is to have a world tour of his own.

Fernández’s next album will be produced by Muñoz. Following “Buscando El Olvido,” a few more singles from the project should follow. He’s aiming to leave a mark of his own now.

“One of my goals is to put Mexican music in front of the world,” Fernández says. “I’m talking about a plan in the future, a plan that I dream of, is to get to the point of having tours with mariachi and everything around the world.”

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