Beloved Vicente Fernández In ‘Serious But Stable’ Condition After Severe Fall Causing Uneasiness Among Fans

Mexico’s legendary singer Vicente Fernández is in a Guadalajara hospital’s ICU after reportedly suffering a severe fall at his ranch. According to a post on the icon’s Facebook page, Fernandez is on a ventilator but in stable condition after undergoing surgery following the fall.

Although his prognosis is cautiously optimistic, fans of the iconic singer from around the world are worried about his future and are hoping he’ll make a full and speedy recovery.

Multiple news outlets shared the news on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a statement from his family, which was posted to the 81-year-old’s social media, the singer underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday after a fall at his ranch on Sunday. He reportedly injured his cervical vertebrae and remains sedated.

“Don Vicente Fernández’s current state is undoubtedly serious but stable after he suffered a fall that caused trauma to his cervical spine,” the statement reads in part, in Spanish. “At the moment he is post-operation and finds himself with ventilatory assistance and critical patient care in the intensive care unit.”

The family’s statement also asked the media to avoid overwhelming the hospital where Fernández is currently. It also notes that family members are not giving interviews at the moment, so to please not ask them when they arrive to the hospital. But they went on to thank the singer’s fans for their support and confirmed they would keep the public updated.

But right now, it’s a waiting game for the family and Chente’s fans around the world.

“We are waiting for a reaction, for progress,” Vicente Fernández Jr. told the media outside the hospital, adding that his father is still suffering from a “poor respiratory effort.”

“When there is progress, we will all be notified by the medical team. We also are all waiting for a reaction, waiting for progress, at the moment things are looking as if he is responding to the treatments as he should be.”

The latest health scare for the 81-year-old comes after a series of serious health issues.

It’s been a rough couple of years for the Mexican icon. He’s overcome several illnesses and hospitalizations, including prostate cancer, the removal of a tumor in his liver, deep vein thrombosis that caused him to lose his voice in 2013 and a surgery to remove three abdominal hernias.

And although Fernández is retired from the stage and no longer gives performances, he is still quite active. In fact, he’s recently recorded songs, frequently uploads content to social media, and has been part of several events with his children and grandchildren.

Fernández is a cultural icon with more than 50 albums and 30 films.

Vicente Fernández is a legit cultural icon and beloved by generations upon generations of fans from around the world. But nowhere is his fan base bigger and more passionate than his native Mexico. Known as Chente or even El Rey de la Música Ranchera, Fernández has recorded more than 50 studio albumns and starred in more than 30 films. He’s also been a critically-acclaimed entertainer with numerous major awards, including several Grammy Awards, and is an absolute part of Mexican culture.

Since launching his career, he’s gone on to become Mexico’s best-selling artist of all time. So, it should go without saying why his fans are worried about the artist’s future. We all hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

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