NEON 16‘s Colombian singer Dylan Fuentes and Nigerian artist/producer Daramola team up for the new global track “FELICIA”, which blends both Colombian and Nigerian sounds, just in time for the Summer. This is the first single from their collaboration EP ARENA which will celebrate the dynamic sounds of their Colombian and Nigerian cultures respectively. The song will be released tomorrow Thursday, May 27 at 8 p.m. EST.

Dylan brings in his Colombian flow, and Daramola brings in the afrobeat on “FELICIA,” a song that doesn’t have to be limited to one hemisphere.

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Where did the idea come from to do a joint EP blending both Colombian and Nigerian sounds?

Dylan: Daramola and I have created a great brotherhood and chemistry since we started working on my first single in NEON16 titled Bipolar. From then on, we continued spending time together and we collaborated again on Nobody Latin Remix with DJ Neptune, Mr. Eazi, and Joeboy. Our cultures are really similar and we want to share that with the world.

Daramola: I had the opportunity to produce Dylan’s 2020 single Bipolar. That was my first time meeting and working with him. The record came out so well and got good reviews so we just kept on building a working relationship. It also helped that we had good chemistry and Dylan is really my brother from another mother. We did a couple of more records and in December last year, we started working on Felicia. Our manager Lex heard it and approached us to work on a joint EP. That was the birth of the idea. 

What can you share about your experience working together on this project?

Daramola: Dylan is extremely talented and it was a breeze working with him. We went back and forth over messages while he was in Colombia and, when he got back to Miami, it was a seamless process. It was really laughing, and a lot of fun in the studio. We would work on music, and head outside to the basketball court to play ball, and then head back to keep working. The project also won’t be possible without our friends Rozo, Santi, and Jose Andres. They were very instrumental in the whole process. 

Dylan: Working alongside Daramola has been magical, it’s incredible the way that music connects us beyond the same language. Of course, we don’t speak the same language, but we were united by the melodies we were working with and the energy Daramola exudes while working. Our languages might be a barrier, but we’re united by the music.

Favorite thing about each other’s cultures?

Dylan: For a while, I’ve been listening to afrobeat, and it’s been one of my favorite genres, and it connects directly with the music that I would sing growing up in my city of Barranquilla. Artists like Joeboy, Wizkid, or Mr. Eazi have been my soundtrack for the last few years, it seems incredible to be able to present a project like this worldwide.

Daramola: There are too many things to name. I’ll start with the fact that Nigeria and Colombia have played a lot of football matches against each other. That’s something both countries share together. Also, the music is undeniable, from Shakira to ChocQuib Town, and many more.

“FELICIA” is the first single of your EP, what else can we expect from it?

Daramola: Expect music you’ve never heard before. Latin music like you’ve never heard, and afro beats like you’ve never heard. The EP is really special and we can’t wait to share everything with the world.

Dylan: In this EP you can expect a mixture of sounds and genres from both cultures that will transmit you to another world. You feel the happiness, the love, the passion with which we made each song. The vocal arrangements and melodies make this project totally different from what is already been released at a musical level. Very excited for you to hear all of this.

“FELICIA” is further proof that Latin music is now global.

If anything, “FELICIA” is pointing out which direction Latin music is going, and how collaborations are expanding beyond the regular genres/artists we’ve been used to. Daramola’s Afrobeat influences are flawlessly mixed with Dylan’s Latin and Reggaeton sounds.

Dylan’s latest release was “DF”, a song where he touched on the anxiety and depression he faced after a year of lockdown.

Dylan Fuentes has shown his vulnerability in full display with “DF” and how he wants his fans to know that they’re not alone in their mental health struggles.

In our interview for Latido Music by mitú, Dylan told us that he sees his anxiety not necessarily as an enemy, but as a friend that he has to learn how to live with.

To keep fans entertained while we await for ARENA, Dylan has shared vlog-style videos to his YouTube channel where we get to see him work in the studio in Colombia, meeting up with rising Colombian star Blessd, and traveling to Mexico.

Daramola has been sharing music production tutorials in his YouTube channel.

In Daramola’s YouTube channel, you can learn a thing or two about music production, how to make an afrobeat, and a tour of his home studio.

Can’t wait to catch a wave this Friday with Dylan Fuentes and Daramola on “FELICIA.”

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