Puerto Rican merengue artist Elvis Crespo posted on Instagram this Tuesday to issue an official notice that despite rumors he is not Spanish singer Rosalía’s father. The artist best known for his hit, “Suavemente” posted an unseeable video of his face morphing into a picture of la Rosalía, writing in Spanish “Official Release: @ rosalia.vt is not my daughter.” 



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Over the past few years, many on the internet have speculated in memes and on Twitter if Elvis Crespo was Rosalía’s father or even Crespo in disguise. Although the 50-year-old Crespo could have fathered the 28-year-old Rosalía, these myths can now be put to rest after Crespo’s very public denial. 

The denial has since received international fame and laughs from thousands of Crespo’s fans and celebrities like Olga Tañon and Alicia Machado on Instagram. But that still hasn’t stopped Twitter users from continuing to talk about the resemblance, and speculate whether the claim is true.

Rosalía still hasn’t commented publicly about the post or the fact that she closely resembles Crespo. But Twitter users are hopeful this can be the beginning of a future collaboration.

Considering that Rosalía has recently taken an interest in Puerto Rico and even made some public appearances with her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro at concerts on the island this Christmas, it’s safe to say she might like the idea.

Regardless of whether they’re related, both Rosalía and Elvis Crespo have shown that they’re both genre-defying artists in their own right by collaborating with a diverse range of artists.