Colombian musician and singer-songwriter, Dylan Fuentes, released his most personal single to date with “DF“.

Dylan opens up about anxiety and depression he faced in the past year amidst the pandemic and lockdown. Watch the interview below.

This is by far one of Dylan’s most personal and moving songs to date, opening up about his internal struggles, that go beyond his fame and career.

In our interview for Latido Music by mitú, Dylan told us that he sees his anxiety not necessarily as an enemy, but as a friend that he has to learn how to live with.

Dylan stated in a press release that he wants to break the taboo that exists today on mental health, specially in our culture and the Latin music industry.

“My experience with anxiety made me alter my perspective on life for a moment, making me question how it had found its way to me. I was left with no reason to feel happiness about so many of the achievements and recognitions I was receiving at that time — I could only think about my fear and problems. The thought of ‘why me’ was never far from my mind. For me anxiety was like a monster, until I realized that it is only a monster if you allow it to be. When you know how to understand it and you know how to listen to your body, you realize that it comes into your life to tell you that something is not right. With ‘DF’ I wanted to tell my story, because I know that many of my fans suffer from the same thing.”

Dylan was recently named one of VEVO DSCVR’S Artists to Watch in 2021, and we’re sure he has a lot more in store for us this year.

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